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John Rebchook

John is an award-winning journalist who spent most of his decades-long career as the real estate editor of the Rocky Mountain News in Denver. At different times John also wrote about banking, economic development, cable TV, workplace issues, technology and national and local political issues impacting business. He has also freelanced for Marijuana Business Magazine.

John also published his own real estate blog for almost seven years and was a columnist at the Colorado Real Estate Journal. Before joining the Rocky, John worked at newspapers in Wisconsin, Illinois and Texas.

Articles by John Rebchook :

Staying a Step Ahead

When Nancy Whiteman launched the infused products company Wana Brands in Colorado five years ago, the marijuana industry was a completely different animal than it is now.

“There was not the level of regulations 5.5 years ago as there is today,” said Whiteman, who co-founded Wana with her husband at the time. “For example, there was no seed-to-sale tracking.”


Power Play

“The weed is legal but the herb ain’t green.”

That’s how Gina S. Warren, an associate professor at the Texas A&M University School of Law, sums up the cannabis industry’s energy requirements. As every grower knows, indoor marijuana cultivation requires ample amounts of energy for lighting and temperature-control systems, and of course the plants need plenty of water as well.