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Laura Hamilton

Laura has more than 25 years of business-to-business editorial experience for both online and print publications. She has covered broadband engineering, international cable TV, wireless technology and more.

Cannabis businesses being good citizens amid COVID-19 crisis

Hand sanitizer was suddenly nowhere to be found as the coronavirus crisis escalated. Cannabis companies around the U.S. took their cue and saw an opportunity to pivot toward making a now-essential product without too much disruption to their manufacturing processes. And businesses didn’t stop at hand sanitizer.

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CARES Act for cannabis companies: A financial expert’s take

The federal government has come out with the single most expansive relief package, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act , since the New Deal of the 1930s. While the CARES Act is certainly sweeping in its mandate, there is one sector potentially missed – the cannabis industry.

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Week in Review: Medical marijuana deemed ‘essential,’ MJ shops see brisk sales amid coronavirus crisis but deal with related business challenges & more

States and local municipalities are increasingly declaring that medical marijuana businesses are “essential” operations and can keep their doors open during the coronavirus health crisis. MJBizDaily takeaway: Industry watchers note that as government officials in more areas of the country place MMJ dispensaries in the same category as other essential businesses such as pharmacies, this marks […]

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Week in Review: Coronavirus’ effects on marijuana firms, Tilray plans $90M raise, Maine aims to tackle illicit MJ & more

Marijuana retailers, vape product suppliers and MJ industry conferences and trade shows are among the cannabis businesses dealing with challenges related to coronavirus. MJBizDaily takeaway: On the supply side, businesses that rely on cannabis vape products sourced from China are feeling the strain, as are manufacturers that use Chinese companies to provide packaging. But many are looking […]

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Week in Review: UN delays cannabis vote, marijuana events keep eye on coronavirus, another MJ business founder steps down

This week’s United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) meeting in Vienna indicated the division among nations over the World Health Organization’s cannabis scheduling recommendations. The CND pushed back a vote to December and declined to immediately take up voting on recommendations that would have far-reaching implications for the global cannabis industry. MJBizDaily takeaway: The […]

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Week in Review: UN drug chief ponders validity of cannabis control treaties, coronavirus effects on marijuana sector, US authorities loosen hemp testing rules & more

The United Nations narcotics enforcement agency president considers whether drug control treaties are outdated, experts share insights on how the coronavirus might affect the marijuana industry, MJ labs could see new opportunities in testing hemp – and more of the week’s top cannabis business news. UN drug chief questions drug control conventions The head of the […]

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