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Laura Drotleff, Reporter

Laura has specialized in agricultural journalism for the past 20 years. Most recently she served as the editor of a B2B publication and multimedia properties focused on productivity, efficiency and profitability in commercial greenhouse cultivation. She has reported on multiple aspects of specialty crops including floriculture, fruit, vegetables, citrus and cannabis. She also has served extensively on various horticulture industry association boards. Laura is a Michigan State University graduate and is based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Three key safeguards all cannabis extractors should consider

Safety should always be a priority, no matter which cannabis extraction method processors prefer. Extraction labs must understand and implement safety standards appropriate for their extraction processes, said Casey Flippo, CEO of hemp processor Natvana and medical marijuana extraction company Dark Horse Medicinal Inc., in Little Rock, Arkansas. Flippo said he once visited a butane […]

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Low-tech storage solutions can help outdoor cannabis producers conserve water

Water isn’t getting any easier to find in parched Western U.S. states, so outdoor marijuana and hemp producers are looking for solutions that will help them get through the season. Even when the West isn’t embroiled in a record drought year, water use is often restricted for cannabis cultivators, said Julie Jacobson, CEO of Aster […]

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Indoor cannabis producers adopt water-efficiency systems in the heat of drought

Drought has driven water restrictions across the West, impacting citizens, municipalities, farms and businesses – cannabis producers among them. In response, many indoor producers have implemented water-efficiency technologies in past years to maintain enough water for their growing seasons while ensuring they are responsible stewards of the environment. As the drought worsens, it’s likely more […]

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Prospects brighten for marijuana producers seeking insurance coverage

Crop production conditions this year are, in a word, risky. From record drought levels throughout the U.S. and especially across the Western regions, to water shortages and raging wildfires, marijuana and hemp producers are rightly looking to protect their investments to ensure their crops don’t literally go up in smoke. But securing insurance for a […]

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Cannabis companies committing to environmental practices as carbon-offset producers, buyers

Cannabis producers looking to remove carbon from the environment have a variety of options. Existing projects include producing carbon-sequestering plants, developing projects to sell emissions-offset credits to companies, using sustainable packaging and reducing waste, switching to renewable energy and participating in established forest-management projects. Companies in the emerging cannabis industry have an opportunity to be […]

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As states limit delta-8 THC, industry operators plan next steps

With state limits on hemp-derived delta-8 THC beginning to impact sales for product manufacturers and retailers, businesses are considering how they will make up the gap. Delta-8 THC has taken the industry by storm over the past 18 month as manufacturers, stuck with a glut of low-priced CBD distillate and isolate, synthesized the product into […]

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