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Christa Madrid

Christa is an accomplished graphic designer who joined the Marijuana Business Daily staff in August 2018.

Best practices for purchasing a secondary cannabis business license

Cannabis business owners seeking to sell their operations on the secondary market are sitting in the catbird seat, experts say. Multistate operators wishing to expand their footprints are fueling demand, as are investors entering the market anticipating federal marijuana reform.

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Compensation data we’re confident the cannabis industry can trust, rely on

As the cannabis industry continues to expand across the United States, so does the need for compensation data that follows federal regulations and guides sound business practices. While numerous salary guides are produced each year, the U.S. Department of Justice has rules regarding the collection and dissemination of compensation data. These laws, which are part […]

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CBD producers must avoid health claims while promoting products, feds say

It’s the Wild West out there!” How often have you heard that statement made about health claims for products containing CBD? But here’s the thing: It’s not the Wild West, Lesley Fair, senior attorney with the Federal Trade Commission, noted in a recent blog post. Gone are the days when a CBD company could make […]

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Cannabis companies should address labor issues such as unions, job classifications and COVID-19

Marijuana businesses have the same legal obligations to their employees that mainstream companies do, according to attorneys specializing in labor and employment law. That means cannabis employers must implement labor-relations strategies that will help shield their companies from employee-related lawsuits. Some common employment- and labor-law pitfalls facing mainstream and marijuana businesses include how to classify […]

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Contract breaches, workplace safety and unsolicited texting can disrupt business operations and prove costly

Product liability, partnership disputes, labor-related litigation and RICO suits are among the most common and potentially damaging lawsuits facing marijuana companies. But industry executives also should be alert to at least three other legal dangers that could hurt their businesses. These include: Breach of contract: This is among the most common violations that can kill […]

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Outlining your cannabis business plan on paper can avoid partnership disputes later

Partnership disputes—whether between business partners or owners and investors—continue to be an ugly feature of the cannabis industry. Such conflicts can be costly and time-consuming; plus, they can sink a cannabis company. But there are steps companies can take to head off disputes—or at least manage them more effectively when they do happen, which is […]

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Montana to launch adult-use marijuana program with limits on residency, not licenses

Business-Friendliness Score: 4 out of 5 When it comes to the fees and availability of cannabis business licenses in Montana, the state boasts a lot of advantages. Montana residents have been accepting of the state’s medical marijuana program, with patient counts reaching 3.8% per capita. With fewer than 1.1 million residents spread across a large […]

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