Kevin Huhn

Ohio now anticipates some medical cannabis sales in December

A starting point might finally be in sight for Ohio’s long-delayed medical marijuana market. A spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Commerce said small amounts of cannabis likely will be available for sale before the end of the year. The agency’s Kerry Francis told The Columbus Dispatch that the state’s first harvested marijuana plants are expected […]

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Hemp farmers in Canada push for levy to help research, publicize the plant

(This is an abridged version of a story that appears at Hemp Industry Daily.) Some Canadian hemp farmers are proposing a 0.5% tax on product sales that would help fund research and promotion of their goods. The plan – similar to commodity checkoff programs that are common in the U.S. – would include the creation of an […]

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Boost your bottom line with specialty infused cannabis products

It wouldn’t be fall without pumpkin spice, winter without peppermint, spring without strawberries or summer without lemonade.

Marijuana-infused product manufacturers know this, and they’re capitalizing on popular demand among consumers to shake up their product lines with seasonal or limited-release products.

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Want to cash out of your cannabis business? Here are some things to consider

As merger and acquisition activity accelerates across the cannabis industry, many companies are discovering they don’t need a for-sale sign in the window to be a takeover target.

The flurry of M&A activity, which is on pace to double in the marijuana industry this year, is giving more company founders a chance to cash out at an attractive price after years of working 24/7 to build their businesses.

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Cashing in on the CBD craze: What you should know

If it seems you’re seeing CBD everywhere these days, you are.

CBD products are in grocery stores, convenience stores and chiropractic offices. The letters are splashed across storefronts even in the most cannabis-averse jurisdictions – such as Kansas and South Carolina.

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Some outdoor marijuana growers finding success using all-natural, ‘closed-loop’ approach

There are many ways for indoor and greenhouse marijuana growers to be sustainable, but few types of grows are more environmentally friendly and inexpensive to run than an outdoor, closed-loop farm. On a closed-loop farm, everything on the premises goes back into the land. For example, plants are grown on the farm to be used in nutrient mixes, composts and pest repellents, and excrement from farm animals, say, alpacas are used in compost.

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