Kevin Huhn

Awaiting a marijuana business license? It’s possible to defray building rental costs

It can take months for a marijuana business to gain licensing approval from regulators.

The biggest problem facing a company in such a situation is it usually must have the location nailed down before filing an application.

But paying rent on space before having a license in hand can cost a lot of money, unless steps are taken early in the process to minimize costs.

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New York plans to allow medical cannabis as opioid substitute

One of the more restrictive medical marijuana programs in the United States might soon allow the use of MMJ as an alternative to opioids, a move that could provide a much-needed boost to the state’s cannabis businesses. The New York health department plans to develop regulations giving people the choice of enrolling in the state’s […]

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Colorado law will now allow CBD prescriptions

Colorado’s governor has signed into a law a bill to allows physicians to prescribe CBD medicines that have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA’s ruling is expected in a matter of weeks.

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Judge: Florida retailers can sell smokable medical marijuana

A Florida judge on Tuesday lifted a stay on smoking medical marijuana, opening up new revenue potential for the state’s MMJ businesses. Leon County Circuit Court Judge Karen Gievers upheld her May 25 ruling that the Florida Legislature’s provision banning smokable medical marijuana is unconstitutional. The stay will officially be lifted on June 11. The […]

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Louisiana university’s medical cannabis partner undergoing ownership feud

Southern University in Louisiana has contracted with a company to run the school’s medical marijuana program, but the firm’s principals are embroiled in an ownership struggle. According to The Advocate, the Baton Rouge university said Thursday it had signed a contract with the two majority owners of Advanced Biomedics. Southern picked the company last fall […]

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Minnesota medical marijuana company LeafLine loses CEO

The chief executive of one of Minnesota’s two medical marijuana manufacturers has left the company after years of financial losses.

Andrew Bachman, LeafLine Labs’ co-founder and its chief executive since 2016, is no longer with the company “in any official capacity,” the company said Thursday in a statement to the Associated Press.

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Marijuana cultivators find ways to shorten curing process

In an ideal world, cultivators would have the luxury of time when it comes to drying and curing their cannabis.

They’d take 30-60 days – waiting, sniffing, eyeing and “burping” – to achieve the ideal cannabinoid and terpene profile for each lovingly grown flower.

But in the real business world, larger cultivators need to get product out the door. They don’t have one or two months to spend on curing.

That doesn’t mean, however, that cultivators must sacrifice quality for large-scale commercial production.

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