MJBizDaily’s Cannabis Industry Awards Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Nominating

Can I nominate myself or my organization for more than one category?

Yes, you can nominate for multiple categories. However, multiple nominations for an individual or company within a single category will not increase the chances of winning.

Who can submit the nominations?

Any individual or representative from a company can nominate. Representatives of the company, individual or peers can also nominate.

If you are nominating a company that you do not work for, please note that we will ask for specific information such as revenue, profit/loss and number of employees

MJBizDaily will attach more weight to nominations that are backed up by hard data/detailed information – revenues, profits, etc. These awards are not a popularity contest, i.e, the more nominations received for an organization or individual does not increase the chances of winning.

What if I am a finalist?

A member of the MJBizDaily editorial staff will reach out and request a headshot and bio for individuals, and logo and executive headshots for companies. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony.

Do I have to purchase a ticket to attend the event if I am a finalist?

Yes. Individual finalists will receive a unique discount code for 50% off of their ticket, which is $199.00. Companies who are finalists will receive a unique discount code for 50% off three tickets.

Can I bring my significant other if I am a finalist?

Yes, but they will need to purchase a ticket to attend.

What is the criteria or qualifications for the Awards?

Those eligible to be nominated – companies, organizations or individuals – will vary based on the award category. Nominees can be from around the world – except for the U.S.- and North American-specific categories such as the U.S. Market Leader Award.

Those eligible include: Cannabis industry executives, Cannabis companies, Cannabis industry trade group executives, Cannabis industry trade groups, Cannabis industry advocates, Cannabis industry advocacy groups.

MJBizDaily will attach more weight to nominations that are backed up by hard data/detailed information – revenues, profits, etc. MJBizDaily may publish hard data and/or information about companies/individuals who win to help explain the reason they won but only if necessary. Winners will be contacted prior to publish date.

What is the selection process?

Judging will be done in-house by MJBizDaily editorial staff members along with an advisory panel of industry experts who will help select the winners. Five finalists will be selected for each award and one winner will ultimately be chosen. MJBizDaily will attach more weight to nominations that are backed up by hard data/detailed information – revenues, profits, etc. The more nominations submitted will not increase your chances of winning.

What are the key dates?

August 31, 2019: Submissions Close
September 30, 2019: Semifinalists Notified
October 15, 2019: Finalists Announced
December 12, 2019: Winners Announced at Awards Ceremony

What is the process to nominate?

Visit MJBizDaily.com/awards and click on Nominate. There you can fill out the submission form for nominations.

What types of questions are included in the nomination form?

  • Basic contact information
  • Description of nominee whether that be a person/company/organization
  • Why you are nominating the person/company/organization
  • Revenue for 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Profit/Loss for 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Employees for 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Locations for 2016, 2017, 2018

Although the data-focused questions are not required, MJBizDaily will attach more weight to nominations that are backed up by hard data/detailed information – revenues, profits, etc.

Who is part of the external experts advisory board?

MJBizDaily is relying on a group of cannabis industry executives and experts from around the globe to help select the winners for each of the award categories. The outside experts represent different sectors and geographic regions of the industry.

Questions About Attending

How much are tickets to attend the event?

Tickets to attend the awards ceremony and gala will be $199/per ticket.

How do I purchase tickets to attend the ceremony and gala?

Visit mjbizcon.com/vegas/register

The ticket purchaser must be pre-registered for MJBizCon and can purchase up to 10 tickets at a time. It is not required to attend MJBizCon to attend MJBizDaily’s Cannabis Industry Awards.

How do I pick up my ticket(s)?

Tickets will be given to the MJBizCon attendee who purchased the tickets on their registration, when they pick up their MJBizCon badge.

If tickets are not picked up by 12:00 p.m. PDT on Thursday, December 12, 2019 they will be surrendered to those on the waitlist.

Where can I register for MJBizCon Conference and Expo?

Visit mjbizcon.com/vegas/register

Additional Questions

How can I sponsor the awards?

For more information on the sponsorships available, please visit mjbizdaily.com/awards/sponsor. If you are interested in becoming at sponsor for the MJBizDaily Cannabis Industry Awards, please contact the sales team.

Email: [email protected]  Phone: (720) 213-5992 x2

For all other questions, please contact the MJBizDaily Customer Experience Team at [email protected] or call (720) 213-5992 x1.