AZ cannabis group seeks to undermine rec campaign

After the Arizona recreational marijuana campaign splintered last year over the particulars of what legalization should include, a number of grassroots cannabis activists are now targeting the primary adult-use campaign in Arizona, with an eye on defeating it so they can return with a different initiative in 2018.

The group Arizonans for Mindful Regulation, which couldn’t come up with enough signatures to get its own initiative on the November ballot this year, has instead decided to try and defeat the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, which is supported by the Marijuana Policy Project, the Arizona Daily Star reported.

Arizonans for Mindful Regulation is headed by Jason Medar, and his group doesn’t believe the MPP initiative goes far enough. For example, Medar’s initiative would have made possession of up to 8 ounces of cannabis a misdemeanor. Under MPP’s measure, possession of more than 2.5 ounces would be a felony.

Medar also said MPP’s measure is too protectionist for existing medical marijuana businesses, and that there aren’t enough business opportunities for entrepreneurs. By contrast, Medar’s initiative would have mandated that the state allow for as many cannabis shops as there are liquor stores: about 1,600.

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5 comments on “AZ cannabis group seeks to undermine rec campaign
  1. VVG on

    MPP’s initiative sucks! It’s better to keep our medical & wait for the right legislation not funded by lobbyists & corporations. Lobbying should be illegal IMO anyway. Colorado’s recreational laws suck too, a lot of people had to leave that state because of past records or tax issues & found they were no longer welcome in their field of choice in that state. They eliminated the little guy for big business. Cali’s laws & their dispensaries are the best because of they free market competition

  2. J on

    The pricing at all dispensaries across the country is still ridiculously expensive.
    If this president would come through on his promise to reschedule a lot of these problems would be solved almost immediately, but given his 7+ year record of saying what’s convenient at any given time, he’s not likely to come through on it. With this in mind, the states that have approved it for medicinal use should formulate a viable plan that allows for both a reasonable level of recreational use along with a price control mechanism that makes it more affordable for patients who legitimately need it for medical reasons.

  3. Steve M on

    Medar and his group have no understanding of the Arizona political climate. Arizona conservative voters will NEVER allow the 1600 dispensaries he was seeking to allow. MPPs approach is based on actual polling of what voters can tolerate. It’s a shame to see “activists” attempt to torpedo Arizona’s best chance of saving thousands of people from going to jail ever year.

    • Robert Hemlaz, PhD Trichometry on

      Take the (6) plants, ya bunch of dodos! 65% of the Az State Legislature is now #LDS dominated. And, though socially conservative, they ain’t business adverse, as long as they get a slice, too! Once the measure passes in Nov ’16 they’ll pick up on the AzFMR’s initiative to expand the de-felonizing of Cannabis possession in Az. It’s good business. Whereas, only a few connected companies actually tap and get rich in Az off of reduced price prison labor. Take the (6) plants, ya jugheads … and, get to work hybridizing the future! Vote “Yes” in Nov ’16. Why wait another two years to plant?

  4. B on

    Vote NO on MPP’s plans. 6 plants is a freaking joke. How many will be banned from growing for whatever BS reason that can be thought up? The price of the Medical MJ in AZ is already too high compared to the quality available. Most of the product, across the state, is dry and of poor quality at best. Allowing these same producers , who already use growing techniques which in most all circumstances voids any “medical” quality of the cannabis, to control the rec market as well is insane. Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol is a BAD CHOICE for the PEOPLE of ARIZONA. VOTE a BIG F*@# NO in November if this garbage makes it on any ballot. MPP represents BIG MARIJUANA, not a plan for the people of any location that it sinks its claws into.

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