Berlin aims for piloted plan for ‘controlled distribution’ of cannabis

Three left-of-center political parties in the German capital of Berlin have agreed to work together to develop a program for the regulated distribution of adult-use cannabis in the city.

Bendikt Lux, a Berlin city assembly representative from the Green Party, said his party has joined with the Social Democrats and The Left to seek a “scientifically monitored pilot project for the controlled distribution of cannabis to adults,” according to German press reports.

There have been similar efforts by districts in German cities, but those have failed because of the country’s Federal Intoxicants Law, which prohibits cannabis.

Berlin officials believe they have a better chance of success because the city is also one of the country’s 16 states, which, unlike cities, have some power to introduce their own laws.

Max Plenert, a spokesman for the German Hemp Association, said the federal intoxicants law allows for such experiments and that exceptions can be applied for.

In May, the German cabinet passed a bill permitting seriously ill patients to use medical cannabis if they have consulted with a doctor and have no other therapeutic alternatives.

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