Bhang Chocolate Workers Unionize

Employees of California-based edibles company Bhang Chocolate have voted to join the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), which boasts more than 1.3 million members across numerous industries.

The move to unionize will provide the Bhang workers with “significant gains and protections” including wage increases, employer health care contributions, paid sick leave and vacation benefits, the UFCW said in a press release.

From a business perspective, employing workers who belong to a union could raise costs and add another layer of complication, but it can also lower turnover and boost morale.

The UFCW primarily represents workers at retail grocery stores and meat processing companies, but it is attracting more individuals from the cannabis sector, including employees of dispensaries, hydroponics shops and cultivation operations.

, Bhang Chocolate Workers UnionizeUnions started targeting the medical marijuana industry in California several years ago and now represent cannabis workers in numerous states, including Colorado and Michigan.

In some states, though, medical marijuana businesses have been accused of trying to prevent workers from joining a union.

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5 comments on “Bhang Chocolate Workers Unionize
  1. Dee on

    I thought we were trying to keep organized crime OUT of the cannabis industry? Bringing in the Unions is going to be a mistake.

  2. David on

    Bhang is a very small company and management/owners would have been involved in this strategic business decision. Re Dee’s comment re organized crime, that’s exposing a bias and making an unfounded allegation re UFCW.

  3. Steve on

    Actually, this is an encouraging sign of normal business activity. Workers organizing collectively to protect their interests is a very American behavior. It’s as simple as that, isn’t it?

    It’s unfair to suggest that these workers’ union activity somehow connected to organized crime.

  4. linda warren on

    Worker protection…is not organized crime…To keep the vulture class of business operations from exploiting this new legal industry, workers need to join and support union organization. Good on ya….Bhang.

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