Major Flower Business Fears Migration to Marijuana

The CEO of 1-800-Flowers frets he might lose some of his best suppliers in states that have burgeoning marijuana industries, saying he’s afraid growers will realize that cannabis could be a more lucrative profession.

Such an exodus would expand the ranks of marijuana growers, adding a crop of seasoned veterans to the industry’s ranks.

“Some growers with enormous greenhouse facilities in California or Colorado or perhaps in Oregon are saying, ‘Is this the best crop I can grow, these flowers for all these florists around the country? Maybe I can switch to cannabis and get 10 times on the revenue line,’” Jim McCann told Fox Business. “That’s a big concern of ours.”

McCann said his New York company hasn’t yet been affected by such an industrial shift. But he sees it looming as a very real possibility.

“A lot of people are on the precipice of making a decision,” he said. “The only places that we know of are legal states, so that’s where we’re seeing it but they also happen to be our best flower producing states.”

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6 comments on “Major Flower Business Fears Migration to Marijuana
  1. Mark on

    It is not that simple. While McCann can be excused for not knowing or understanding the complexities of legalized cannabis, MJ Biz Daily, as a business periodical in the cannabis industry, has no excuse and should be expected to offer an article that is far more nuanced and addresses how misinformed McCann really is.

    An industrial farmer cannot decide to switch to growing cannabis. Even in a state where there is a medical or recreational system in place, they would need a license, which in many states is not available at all, as they have already been won by others. Additionally, in most states with mmj systems, the amount of land that can be used to grow cannabis is restricted by the type of license secured from the state.

    So, in summary, 1. most likely there is no license for McCann’s suppliers,
    2. Even if there were a license available to be applied for, it would take time to acquire it and there is no guarantee that the florist will win such a license,
    3. Even if a license could be acquired, it would almost certainly have a restricted grow area and therefore would likely not affect McCann’s business.

    Some mention of these factors would have been appreciated…

    • Tony on

      You are correct in those assumptions. I know many flower growers have looked into converting and most have not switched due to these complexities. Others have though. While still maintaining flower operations they were able to form cultivation agreements in CA utilizing unused portions of their facilities. This will all change once CA begins to more tightly regulate and issue licenses.

      • bongstar420 on

        I don’t find these people to be serious competition. They produce average quality more consistently. Woopie!

    • bongstar420 on

      The only barrier is that their product will be the same quality as most other people including home growers.

  2. Adam Kurtz on

    I have been a fresh cut flower farmer for 27 years in New York. We moved our family to Oregon to grow CBD Hemp and have a license from the Dept of Ag. The flower farmers have a skill set that can be utilized to grow tons of cannabis, but it takes a lot of work to be part of this industry. We are not looking back, just wish we didn’t have to leave our family, due to NY States archaic MJ and Hemp laws.

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