Bill Would Allow VA Docs to Recommend MMJ

A bill introduced in Congress by representatives from California and Oregon with 10 bipartisan co-sponsors would allow Veterans Affairs doctors to recommend medical marijuana for veterans in states where it’s legal.

Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) introduced the Veterans Equal Access Act, which would lift a ban that prevents VA doctors from giving opinions or recommendations about the use of medical cannabis, the Huffington Post reported.

Expanding recommendation authority to VA physicians could lead to significantly higher numbers of patients turning to dispensaries for legally-accessed cannabis treatments.

A study approved by federal health officials earlier this year examined the effects of smoked or vaporized cannabis on 50 veterans suffering from PTSD, but the government’s sole provider of medical-grade marijuana didn’t have the proper strains for research to begin, the Huffington Post said. Its lead scientist was then fired from the University of Arizona where the research would’ve taken place, putting the study in further peril, according to the report.

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4 comments on “Bill Would Allow VA Docs to Recommend MMJ
  1. CLifton D Croan, MA, LPC, DAPA, FAPA, BCPC, DMAPA on

    Folks may not be aware, because of the news blackout on successfully launched studies medical cannabis studies, but there is an ongoing pro bono, 18 month study, sponsored by Enigami Medical Cannabis, LLC, working to sign up 10,000 Veterans in legal states with PTSD to see if they benefit from medical cannabis. No medication is supplied in the study which helps participants track their medications/symptoms – to determine the best medication (cannabis, prescription or OTC). Please visit and spread the word. We think the Veterans and VA will benefit from this knowledge.

  2. rodger on

    amazes me how congress can approve a unnecessary war and send our young men into harms way then denial medical help from an herb with no side affects for relief from PSTS. Our congress people need to be put on the front lines of war to then learn first hand as to what war is really about!

  3. Jerry Chin on

    @CLifton D Croan, MA, LPC, DAPA, FAPA, BCPC, DMAPA

    Thank you for this information:

    Please reach out to me as I would like to help to spread the word regarding this study to many vets I know.

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