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A collection of business resources brought to you by the editors of Marijuana Business Daily and Hemp Industry Daily, including Factbooks, free reports and downloads.


Planning for Planting: An Outdoor Cultivation Primer

Cannabis cultivators can’t control what Mother Nature throws at them, but they can prepare their crops to withstand some of nature’s fury.

In this exclusive guide, expert-level cultivators offer advice on everything from properly preparing your soil prior to planting to proper treatment of plants when it’s time to transplant them to the great outdoors.


MJBiz Factbook: 2021 Edition

Need realistic data and financial numbers for American marijuana-related businesses?

Published April 2021, the MJBiz Factbook includes:

  • State-by-state guide to regulations, taxes and opportunities
  • Operational benchmarks and growth potential for cultivation, product manufacturing, retail
  • Trend lines in cannabis funding and investing
  • 178 pages, 41 charts including financials

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The Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook 2021 Edition

Exclusive U.S. Hemp & CBD Business & Finance Data

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The most robust and trusted guidance on the financial, operational and retail trends you need as you plan your business, sales and investing strategies.

Download your copy of Hemp Industry Daily’s FACTBOOK for just $199, where you’ll find:

  • 113 pages
  • New: state-by-state guide that includes licensing and competitive landscape details for the hemp industry
  • New: expanded retail trend data from global consumer data leader, The Nielsen Company
  • 51 exclusive charts
  • Cultivator, product, retail & investor financial information
  • Benchmarks and wholesale prices
  • CBD retail sales forecasts
  • Number of growers for CBD vs. other novel cannabinoids

Free Report | Best Practices in Extraction

Between the specialized equipment and techniques needed to create an ever-growing array of new products, as well as the intricate and challenging methods used by cannabis processors and manufacturers, the extraction sector is arguably the most dynamic and innovative in the cannabis industry.

This report is meant to serve as a go-to resource for all things extraction. It is based on a collection and analysis of articles composed for Marijuana Business Magazine over the course of 2020.

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Report | California Cannabis Business Licensing Guidebook

If you are looking to enter the cannabis market in California or to expand your existing cannabis business, this is your one-stop guide to navigating the messy regulatory environment, and to where exciting new licensing opportunities may exist.

This insightful guidebook has everything you need to know about California cannabis business, and is available for just $59.

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Free Report | Cannabis 101: Cultivation

The cultivation sector has faced pretty much every challenge possible over the past few years, making it readily apparent that there is more to growing marijuana than just the cultivation process.

This free report from the editors of Marijuana Business Daily was designed to give you the information you need to know from building a plan, to launching your operation and creating a strategy to deal with general business and industry challenges.

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Free Report | Cannabis in Latin America: The Regulations and Opportunities (2nd Edition)

Marijuana Business Daily International introduces our second edition special report dedicated to exploring the state of cannabis in Latin America and the Caribbean, focusing on regulations and opportunities in this rapidly expanding market. This exclusive report highlights critical market details and provides expert analysis on key markets in the region, including Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Jamaica and Mexico.

Intended for investors and business operators looking to enter or expand operations in Latin America, this in-depth report is full of insights and guidance on how to tap into a market with global implications while weighing the unique challenges to investing or doing business within this region.

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Free Webinar | How Cannabis Affects the Mainstream Portfolio

Even if you’re not currently investing in cannabis, it’s likely that the industry is already affecting other companies in your portfolio.

This Investor Intelligence webinar features Vivien Azer, Managing Director at Cowen, who provides insight on:

  • Why some mainstream companies are already looking to cannabis for growth.
  • Adjacent industries serving the cannabis industry – and how this may affect your portfolio.
  • Key subsectors of the marijuana industry and how to identify the best opportunities.

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Free Report | Medical Cannabis in Europe: The Markets and Opportunities (2nd Edition)

What are the most recent challenges and opportunities to investing, partnering, exporting and expanding to European cannabis business markets?

Brought to you by the researchers and journalists of Marijuana Business Daily International, Medical Cannabis in Europe: The Markets and Opportunities (2nd Edition) is the most comprehensive and realistic assessment to date on the state of medical cannabis markets throughout Europe – and how to capitalize on the opportunities.

Free Report | Cultivation Snapshot: U.S. Wholesale Marijuana Prices and Supply

Over the last few years, wholesale marijuana supply and prices have experienced dramatic highs and lows in mature adult-use markets such as Colorado, Washington state and Oregon. Newer markets such as Illinois, Massachusetts and Michigan are starting out strong with both high wholesale prices and constrained supply. And medical marijuana programs are all over the map.

This newly updated free report analyzes the overall wholesale situation and provides businesses with what to look for in trends, identifies where they are in the price trend cycle and allows them to see how saturated the market is in order to make informed investment decisions.

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business planning calculator

Free Calculator | Cannabis Business Plan Tool

In tumultuous times, marijuana businesses need an easy way to plan for multiple scenarios:

If revenue drops 20 percent will you still be profitable? If you sell more product, will your costs begin to overrun your profit? If you offer a 10 percent pay increase, what is the impact on your bottom line?

MJBiz has now made it easy for you to play out as many scenarios as you want.

Download our free Excel spreadsheet, then input your data. The sheet does the math for you.

Get a clear picture of how a prolonged pandemic situation — or other variables — might impact your business.

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Free Webinar | MJBizDaily Investor Intelligence The State of the Cannabis Industry and 2020 Trends

Short-term challenges create long-term opportunities: Join Investor Intelligence’s premier analysts, Craig Behnke and Mike Regan, as they delve into how to find the diamonds in the rough, which can be found even in the current capital climate.

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Free Report | California Market Report: Illicit Market Woes

In the two years that recreational marijuana has been legal in California, success in reducing and eliminating the illicit market has been lackluster, due in part to new state and local regulations, new taxes and a supply chain that is still finding its footing.

It’s not as though this huge illicit market popped up overnight when legal sales began in January 2018. Rather, it evolved over decades. As of February 2020, the state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control had roughly 2,500 open investigations into reported illegal marijuana shops and delivery services.

Topics in this report include:

  • Marijuana sales from 2018, with projections through 2023
  • Comparison to other states’ marijuana sales in year two
  • Overview of the drivers of California’s thriving illicit market
  • Analysis of the effects of the illicit market
  • What to watch in California

In this report, MJBizDaily provides a macro perspective on how the illicit market is contributing to the underperformance of the legal market.

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Free Report | Best Practices: Cannabis Cultivation

In this free report, you’ll find information on what dozens of cannabis company executives and workers have learned about how to grow cannabis, including insights on improving trimming, watering, lighting, nutrients and cost of production.

There’s no one right way to grow cannabis, but the tips collected in this report are tried and true and will help get you on the right path.

From pre-planting to prepping for sale, topics in this report include:

  • Living Soil
  • Genetics and techniques to grow for extraction
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation strategies
  • How to fight mold and mildew
  • How to control odors
  • Tips on cutting, hanging and drying cannabis
  • How to cure and trim to create a quality end product
  • Managing Energy Costs

Now we have, all in one place, strategies across the board for thinking about better methods to grow cannabis.

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Free Report | Women & Minorities in the Cannabis Industry

This complimentary report is the only report of its kind to look at diversity in the cannabis industry and includes numerous charts exploring and analyzing women and minorities’ roles in the cannabis marketplace, including:

  • Percentages of women and minority-owned businesses
  • Breakdown of license applications (Massachusetts)
  • Comparison of women executives in industry year by year
  • Multiple factors that drive low participation in industry
  • Exploration of criteria for retail licenses (Illinois)
  • Status of social equity provisions by state & market

Join in as we explore, promote and encourage discussion of diversity throughout the marijuana industry.

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