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Hire Learning: Best Practices for Hiring in Cannabis

Unlock your FREE report for essential guidance on:

  • How to find qualified candidates for positions with unique needs
  • Where to tap talent sources – even from other industries.
  • What goals and career paths will hold the best and brightest at your company.
  • Identify the superstar roles that hold your teams together and achieve business goals.
  • BONUS: Money talks! Get the salary information for benchmarking by market what makes you the most competitive place in town.

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Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook

This digital factbook contains fundamental analysis on:

  • State-by-state breakdowns on regulatory and licensing considerations
  • Looming regulatory changes following revived interest in the hemp market
  • Considerations or processors and extractors in navigating the CBD surge
  • Cultivator approaches to growing hemp, considering revenue forecasts and policy changes
  • Current retail trends for widening profit margins while introducing hemp and CBD to consumers

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Marijuana Business Factbook | Digital Year-End Update (11/2018)

  • New information in each State-By-State overview
  • Amended financial benchmarks for global investment conditions
  • Adjusted projections in consideration of market expansion
  • Revised charts incorporating all-new sales, employment and investment data

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Marijuana Business License Directory

  • Comprehensive listing of 8,300+ state-licensed companies
  • Expanded business contact info not available from the state databases
  • Instant Excel download so you can take immediate action on leads
  • Any updates included FREE, delivered digitally, with revisions noted
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – published by the team at Marijuana Business Daily®

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Complimentary Report: Industry Insight: Countries to Watch

  • Evolving government regulations around the world affecting cannabis licenses
  • Current laws and the potential to influence policy in emerging cannabis nations
  • Market opportunities, licensing restrictions, government involvement and the forecast for profit in 10 identified countries of interest
  • Regional and national market saturation and consumer interest data
  • Optimizing global involvement in every industry sector

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