Brand-Building Firm Partners With Oregon Marijuana Grower

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Meriwether Group, a leading Oregon brand-building firm, has taken an ownership stake in one of the state’s best known cannabis cultivators, Hifi Farms.

Portland-based Meriweather will serve as business advisers for HiFi, calling the deal an opportunity to get involved in a “disruptive” industry. Hifi is based in Hillsboro, Oregon’s fifth largest city, west of Portland.

“This industry comes with new consumer groups, and so requires the same blend of analytics, artistry, intuition, and intelligence that we have implemented with Oregon wine, coffee, craft beer, and tea,” Meriwether President David Howitt said in a press release.

A skilled dealmaker, Meriwether has advised and helped arrange the sale of several successful Oregon companies, including Dave’s Killer Bread, Alma Chocolates, and Laughing Planet.

Meriwether became involved with those companies much later in their life cycles than Hifi. Howitt told the Portland Business Journal that Hifi could become a $100 million company.

“We were not going to get into this category unless it was a really disruptive true business,” Howitt said.