Cannabis Company Plans Huge Grow Site in CA

A California marijuana company plans to build massive medical cannabis cultivation site in Desert Hot Springs, in the southern part of the state.

G FarmaLabs, based in Anaheim, said it received a conditional use permit from the city’s planning commission earlier this month that allows it to conduct an 18-month grow.

The company plans to use revenue from the temporary grow to fund construction of a permanent facility in Desert Hot Springs that G FarmaLabs said will total 102,000 square feet, according to a company video.

The permanent site will consist of three greenhouses, a processing and operations center, and a guard house, said G FarmaLabs, which owns and operates grow sites in Colorado and Washington. The company also makes infused products and vaporizing products.

Local residents have responded to the news with mixed reactions, ABC affiliate KABC reported. The project is expected to create money and jobs for Desert Hot Springs.

The town declared insolvency in 2014, but is currently experiencing something of a comeback, with land values rising and many new businesses opening, KABC reported.

“We anticipate the G FarmaLabs project will provide local jobs and spur up to $1 million in tax revenue allowing for more funding for police, education, health resources and infrastructure within the city,” Desert Hot Springs Mayor Scott Matas said in a statement, according to KABC.


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4 comments on “Cannabis Company Plans Huge Grow Site in CA
  1. Brad on

    It will be interesting to see how well the plants flower when it’s 115° in the summer. Will they have to use huge amounts of electricity to keep the girls cool? Winter down there seems fine though.

  2. Damian Solomon on

    108,000 ft2 is not considered large. There are some vegetable greenhouses that span over 5 million square feet (120 acres under glass). These are being everywhere around the globe from
    Siberia to the Middle East. Technology is available to over come any gap that the outside weather creates.

  3. Black Dog Acres LLC on

    Can’t resist commenting on the absurdity of location. Extreme heat in the summer months followed by way higher temperature levels which Cannabis can thrive for the rest of the year….let’s heat ’em up a bit more with greenhouses too….WOW, maybe a new market for wilted Cannabis salads?

    As a licensed cultivator/processor in /wa state, even I was mildly surprised at our Central Wa season last year. My outdoor sun kissed, organically grown girls were harvested from Sept well into early December after we had several snow falls. The result? My test scores improved…they love the cold too! Had 2 legitimate thc scores of 30% & 31%, plus most everything else in the mid to higher 20’s…. oh and when cloning inside hoop houses in the winter, we keep it shockingly cool by “conventional” standards.

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