CA medical cannabis extract makers shielded under new law

Medical marijuana extract manufacturers in California will receive legal protections under a new law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Assembly Bill 2679, signed on Sept. 29, spans a gap between existing unregulated medical marijuana extracts and the soon-to-be regulated market, which starts the first day of 2018.

Butane hash blasters, carbon dioxide extraction technicians and other artisans who follow stringent manufacturing and quality assurance standards will fall under the legal protection, the East Bay Express reported. Those who don’t follow the bill to the letter can be arrested and face jail time.

 “Across the state, locally authorized medical cannabis manufacturers continue to be targeted by municipal law enforcement. As we await full implementation of medical cannabis regulations, manufacturers cannot continue to operate in a legal gray area,” said state Rep. Rob Bonta, according to the East Bay Express. 

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2 comments on “CA medical cannabis extract makers shielded under new law
  1. Dave Armstrong on

    The “grey area” is where unlawful entities are operating illegally under current state law. The Governor authorizing the continued unlawful business activities is just par for the course! It’s amazing that putting the cart before the horse is acceptable in this matter except when you understand the ignorance of the people regarding current marijuana laws and how they’re supposed to be being followed and that MCRSA is going to be tested all the way to the Supreme Court. Just as Timothy O’Leary challenged the “drug tax stamp” over forty years ago when federal law said marijuana was legal and state law said it wasn’t. There was a direct conflict between the two and the “drug tax stamp” was abolished the same will hold true in this case where federal law preempts state laws due to the Constitutions “federal supremacy clause” and federal law being the “law of the land”! Both current state and federal law don’t allow the “sale” of a controlled substance like marijuana and the MCRSA won’t stand up in federal court to Uncle Sam! This is truly a story of government greed and corrupt corporate capitalist conspiring to control and regulate our God given right to grow and use a natural plant for personal medical or whatever reason we so choose! Wake up America and California’s and smell what the conspirators are cooking! Vote NO on Prop. 64 and help me fight MCRSA with Dave Armstrong vs the State of California. State lawmakers can’t override and turn Prop. 215 upside down without the people’s permission which is exactly why Prop. 64 exist!

    Dave Armstrong
    Managing Member of MediMarts
    A Closed-Loop California Collective

    See “” for more info!

    • Norman Nox on


      What a rational, critically thinking well stated response.

      For ALL the rest you, if you don’t truly comprehend what Dave is saying no matter how Much money you happen to have and any “packs” you control you’re on the outside looking in. You’re not the master of the universe you think you are you’re the master of the puppets, puppet. I’ve seen it happen a million times, with youth comes vigor with age comes wisdom. Trust and take advantage of the wisdom in the end you’ll be far, far, better off.

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