CA gov. signs one medical marijuana bill, vetoes another

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California Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday signed a significant piece of statewide medical marijuana legislation and vetoed another focused on Los Angeles.

Brown signed Assembly Bill 2679, which establishes statewide standards for MMJ product manufacturers, further implements regulations for the industry as a whole, and puts an end to “misguided raids” by law enforcement on infused-product makers, according to a press release from Assemblyman Rob Bonta’s office.

Brown vetoed Assembly Bill 2385, which would have created an exemption to the upcoming statewide MMJ industry regulations for a handful of cannabis businesses in Los Angeles.

The bill would have allowed some dispensaries in the city to continue operating without obtaining a local license. Storefronts in the rest of the state, meanwhile, will be required to get a local permit in addition to a state license. Brown called the bill “inconsistent with the dual licensing requirement established last year by the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act.”

The practical effect of Brown’s veto means that Los Angeles officials will now be forced to figure out some type of licensing system, unless city policymakers want to simply ban all MMJ businesses. But that doesn’t seem to be the direction the city is heading.