CA Lawmaker Authored MMJ Bill But Never Visited a Dispensary

Lawmakers across the country routinely cast votes on measures concerning the cannabis industry, often without firsthand knowledge of the industry or the benefit of cannabusinesses willing to help educate them.

But Lou Correa took that to the next level.

The former California state senator, who came close to getting a bill passed last year to establish statewide regulations for the MMJ industry, admitted recently that he never once set foot in a dispensary while he was in office between 2006 and 2014.

That’s despite the fact that Correa hails from Santa Ana, a Los Angeles suburb that is practically bursting with dispensaries.

Instead, Correa told San Francisco Weekly that he made his first dispensary visit just this month. And in doing so, he learned a lot.

“I’d never taken a tour before,” Correa told SF Weekly. “The biggest eye-opener were the customers…Baby boomers. Middle class. Anglos. Retired people.”

And though he’s retired, Correa said he is still trying to educate himself on cannabis “as a concerned citizen.”

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4 comments on “CA Lawmaker Authored MMJ Bill But Never Visited a Dispensary
  1. GrapeApe on

    As a concerned citizen I think we should put this man in a psych ward someplace. He is obviously mentally ill if he hasn’t figured out the MMJ world STILL! Headline should read. “Idiot learns what he thought he already knew!” But then as a politician that would be a given.

  2. Jahpharmer on

    Hold-on there in your rush to judge.

    No, I was never happy with the proposed legislation concerning MMJ that (former) Senator Correa wrote.

    However, now that this man is retired, a private citizen, perhaps as a community we should consider helping him better understand MMJ and its benefits instead of attacking him for his supposed ignorance GrapeApe, etc.

    In the political arena there are pitfalls everywhere and politicians are in the spotlight both of their supporters and their detractors. If polled I imagine few active politicians have personally been inside a medical marijuana dispensary as such a visit could be distorted and twisted into framing such as a sign of weak on crime by some, or having a secret cannabis use by others, or any number of other fictions used to attack the politician because of his visit. So I can see a number of reasons for Mr. Correa no visiting when a sitting senator.

    Let’s see if we can help convince Mr. Correa to become more of a cannabis champion now that he can instead of out-of-hand condemning him.

  3. Nate on

    Change is coming however: maybe not from State Senators as immediately as we’d like, although…

    The current acting “Pro Tem” mayor of Santa Ana has taken multiple tours of our lab (SC Laboratories), and has even brought Council-persons from other cities by for an educational tour and experience.

    Progressive government employees have begun taking steps in CA towards responsible regulation – it’s a sign things are moving in the right direction.

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