Prominent California Marijuana Testing Firm Expands

One of the nation’s first marijuana testing companies, Steep Hill, is opening a quality-assurance lab in the upcoming medical cannabis state of Maryland, marking the California company’s expansion to the East Coast.

The move is yet another example of a marijuana company looking outside its home borders for business and licensing opportunities.

Steep Hill said in a news release it has licensed its name and technology to a group of physicians that plans to open a lab in Baltimore, called Steep Hill Maryland.

Steep Hill also has has testing labs in California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Washington State, along with more labs planned in Oregon and Jamaica.

The company said the existing and upcoming facilities will make it the “largest cannabis lab network in the world.”

In addition to other states, many marijuana companies – like Steep Hill – are looking outside the the United States to Jamaica, Canada, Europe, and Australia. U.S. cannabis companies have teamed with partners in all of these nations.