California County Dubs Marijuana Cultivation ‘Water Waste’

Officials in Sacramento County, California, have formally declared marijuana cultivation to be a form of water waste in light of the state’s ongoing drought.

The news likely won’t have a serious impact on California’s MMJ industry, however, since the county already outlawed outdoor cultivation and last month limited indoor grows to nine plants.

So the county isn’t exactly a hub for commercial cultivation operations.

Additionally, the new law also says that only cultivation involving more than nine plants will be considered water waste, according to a local NBC affiliate. Smaller cultivation sites that stay within the limit will therefore still be allowed to water their plants.

Those caught with more than nine plants face a penalty of up to $500 per day.

The County Board of Supervisors is mostly concerned with growers who are flaunting local cultivation limits, such as a grow site where the county sheriff recently removed 1,000 plants being grown illegally. That operation used roughly 6,000 gallons of water a day, the TV station reported.

One county supervisor also cited a statistic from the state that the average marijuana plant uses six gallons of water per day.

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5 comments on “California County Dubs Marijuana Cultivation ‘Water Waste’
  1. Dee on

    It is outrageous that scum corporations like Nestle are still sucking the clean California spring water – that which has not been poisoned by fracking yet – out of our drying out land and then sell it back to us bottled !!! This needs to stop, they need to be all jailed – corrupt politicians in Sacramento and those multi milliardaire CEOs, who are true leeches ! Where is the outcry ?!

  2. Will on

    We need the bigger players in the bigger organizations to help educate the masses in California . one of the bigger organizations gets involved and starts talking about

  3. Will on

    We need the bigger players or the bigger organizations to help educate the masses in California. I have multiple friends who legally grow for collectives and don’t use anywhere near this amount of water. Try more like 2- 3 gallons a day on a hydroponic table feeding 20-25 plants. Not to mention all the collected water from the AC & humidifiers are reclaimed and reused water. Most growers are responsible, well educated people that are growing medical marijuana to help the world and understand the environment and the needs all the way around and truly practice one love. So before we start quoting 6 gallons of water per plant on average let’s find out what the average really is and stop lumping everything under one case, one story, that’s how racism, stereotypes and ignorance get started and spread. #OneLove

  4. Jason on

    It takes 660 gallons of water to make 1 hambuger, but its big business with the “good ol boys group” so they wont stop cutting down trees at a football field every minute …

    Check out movie “Cowspiracy” to see where our water really is going…

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