California Leaders Exploring Recreational Marijuana Issues

Some California officials are trying to ensure would-be recreational marijuana businesses don’t run into the same murky legal issues medical cannabis companies currently face should the state legalize cannabis for adult use.

San Francisco City Supervisor Scott Wiener is considering forming a task force that would look at what regulations would need to be in place to ensure a smooth transition from a medical-only market should voters elect to legalize recreational marijuana in 2016.

Gavin Newsom, the state’s lieutenant governor, also is preparing for the possibility of legalization by chairing a task force to sort out legal complexities, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

The aim is to involve people with a broad range of backgrounds – including organized labor and neighborhood activists along with those who haven’t been supportive of legalization, such as police, fire and school officials, the newspaper reported.

“We need to have a plan in place rather than reacting after the fact,” Wiener told the Examiner. “And we know this can be done in a smart and thoughtful way.”

California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996, but it never passed comprehensive regulations on the industry.

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5 comments on “California Leaders Exploring Recreational Marijuana Issues
  1. Jahpharmer on

    Those “murky” legal issues stem from anti-cannabis people who have looked long and hard at ways to exploit loopholes, weaknesses and vagaries in Prop. 215 and S.B. 420.
    These people simply do not like cannabis and cannabis users and will continue to attack access to cannabis at every turn given the opportunity to do so.
    As I see it it will take a state constitutional amendment to protect the pro-cannabis community, and the associated businesses that are springing-up within it, to stop the intentionally blind opposition to us. Otherwise no matter how well crafted the ballot measure(s) put forward for Californians to approve in 2016, right behind it will come the cannabis-haters with their crippling land-use, and public nuisance ordinances.
    Cannabis is not a land-use issue, it is a public health and safety issue.
    Already there are more than ample “personal behavior” laws on the books for making sure people, for whatever reason, behave themselves. Already there are more than ample agricultural land-use and environmental laws on the books to make sure cannabis growers do so responsibly. Already there are more than ample business laws and regulations to make sure that cannabis businesses, like any other business, operate in accordance with the law. The pro-cannabis community does not need special laws, just treat us like how everyone and everything else is treated.
    I welcome Lt. Governor Newsom’s Blue Ribbon Task Force and look forward to speaking before it this May in San Francisco.

  2. Hastings RH on

    It would be smart to include people already in the industry. What do cops and firemen and organized labor have to do with anything in a legal environment?

  3. JIMMY LIMO on

    FINALLY ! An intelligent idea from a politician ! California needs to get AHEAD of the curve for the inevitable legalization of recreational cannabis. If they want to write the rules, the California legislature had better legalize it NOW, before an initiative passes in 2016, and their hands will be tied !

  4. Jahpharmer on

    My fear here is politicians being what they are never want to “be ahead of the curve,” that would greatly interfere with their jobs…for example: with regards to major road building projects; why not build double or even triple-decker freeways with a minimum of 10 lanes each way, with one level devoted exclusively to commercial trucks. Chaos is built into our economic system, deliberately, this gives excuse for lawyers and politicians to always be needed to save us from ourselves.
    However, back to cannabis. I’ve repeatedly texted, and called Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom requesting to be able to speak in front of his Blue Ribbon Panel/Taskforce on legalizing cannabis in California…silence. The panel is stuffed with police, prosecutors, “big” businesses, and that turn-coat California NORMAL crew, but refusing to admit, or listen to “us”. What rules they come up with, guaranteed will keep jails & prisons & courts & local jerks with badges fully employed…sadly.
    And, with all the citizen sponsored ballot measures about to be certified for the 2016 ballot, there’s more than enough to dilute support for any one measure to below the 50%-plus 1 to make sure nothing changes after here after 2016: “Too many cooks” syndrome.
    I am open to intelligent suggestions on how to successfully wade through this morass…

  5. calicorock on

    My hope is California charts a different path. Creating two separate state systems, one for medical only, one for recreational. All of the other retail store, recreational States are doing it wrong. Please! California, get it right. Here in Washington our last hope is the courts to stop Olympia from killing off medical for patients entirely

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