California MMJ Oil Producer Cleared of All Wrongdoing

A Sonoma County medical cannabis oil producer has resumed operations after being raided last week by law enforcement, in a telling sign of the legal marijuana industry’s lessening fear of its questionable legal status.

The co-founder of Care by Design, Dennis Hunter, whose business was hit by local law enforcement last week, was originally charged with operating a meth lab-type operation. Bail was set at $5 million. But after an immense community outcry, the charges were dropped, and bail was reduced to zero, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The MMJ businessman was released within 48 hours of being arrested, and Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch even publicly stated her support for medical cannabis, and emphasized that her focus was on whether or not any laws had been broken that would result in public endangerment.

Hunter was released after roughly 150 activists swarmed the Sonoma County Superior Courthouse on Thursday to protest his arrest, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

The incident likely will provide a template for other MMJ businesses that face problems with law enforcement between now and early 2018, when California’s statewide medical cannabis regulations will be in full effect and licensing will lead to further industry stability.

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2 comments on “California MMJ Oil Producer Cleared of All Wrongdoing
  1. DragonTat2 on

    I am tempted to chalk it up to a Training Exercise, at Care by Design’s, Dennis Hunter’s, and the entire medical cannabis industry’s expense.
    Sad that people jump to conclusions without examination of what cannabis medicine is, and how it works in all its various forms.

  2. Human resources on

    One employee made a complaint and the Storm Troopers saw money they could seize:
    Throughout the day Thursday, Santa Rosa police officials continued analyzing a trove of seized equipment, computers and products from several properties affiliated with the CBD Guild and its product lines — Absolute Xtracts and Care By Design.

    Narcotics Sgt. Rich Celli said the investigation started five days ago with a tip that the conditions for the group’s workers were not safe at a Circadian Way laboratory. Describing the guild’s business as “massive,” Celli said police believe it was bringing in “millions of dollars monthly.” He said police seized “hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash.”

    “When you’re looking at the manufacturing part of it, how it’s being done, we believe (it) is illegal,” Celli said. “Many people believe the law is in flux — it’s not, don’t do it.”

    Rogoway and guild spokesman Nick Caston disputed Celli’s contention that high-pressured carbon dioxide compressors used by the company are dangerous.

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