California’s Mendocino County Creates Marijuana Appellations

California’s Mendocino County is known for producing a diverse array of quality wines. But now the northern coastal county is angling to be known for producing quality marijuana strains distinguished by their growing region.

In what could be a first for this country, Mendocino is being divided into different cannabis appellations to distinguish individual growing regions. Currently, Mendocino has 11 proposed cannabis regions, reported.

In wine, an appellation designates where a grape was grown and harvested, the type of grape planted, and the environmental factors contributing to a wine’s unique characteristics. Think of France’s Champagne sparkling wines.

By applying appellations to cannabis, Mendocino growers hope to establish the same kind of brand recognition that the term “Napa Valley” has given winemakers from that California region.

According to, the cannabis appellations will help set the value of medical marijuana grown in a California county, and make it illegal for producers to mislabel non-California cannabis as such.

Growers will also get special “Mendocino Made” certifications that will allow them to establish sustainability standards that will set the local cannabis apart – and possibly bring about an industry standard.

The California Growers Association, a statewide cannabis advocacy group, is developing a process to establish appellations, and planned to offer certifications to other counties, reported.

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One comment on “California’s Mendocino County Creates Marijuana Appellations
  1. Real Deal on

    Since there are over 800 Cannabis strains that will grow pretty much anywhere; designating different regions is smoke induced silliness. Also comparing regions that produce specific wine varieties to cannabis is a false analogy.

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