Canadian MMJ Producer Closes $3M Funding Round

Canadian firm OrganiGram Holdings announced that it has closed on a $3 million round of financing, which the company will use to bolster its medical cannabis production site in New Brunswick.

Duce Holdings and Denaco Group will provide $1 million in exchange for 200,000 common shares of OrganiGram’s stock, while Farm Credit Canada will provide a $2 million long-term loan. Farm Credit recently doled out the first $1 million and will provide the rest of the loan over time.

The deal is particularly notable given that some licensed cannabis companies in Canada are struggling with lower-than-expected patient counts and competition from illegal dispensaries in the western part of the country.

Still, the industry is expected to get a big boost from a recent decision by the country’s top court to allow the use of cannabis oils. Canada’s health agency has since cleared the way for licensed companies to begin producing and selling the oils, which could have a big impact on their bottom lines.

OrganiGram secured $5 million in credit earlier this year and finished building out four new grow rooms, which the company said will help it meet a rapid increase in demand.

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2 comments on “Canadian MMJ Producer Closes $3M Funding Round
    • canadian1969 on

      Good catch. I think it’s the large rapidly expanding guys like Tweed and Organigram pushing out the smaller LP’s. Not that any of this matters, the current system is totally broken, and was just a huge Conservative + Liberal corporate blow job. “Hey look how progressive we are on Cannabis” while at the same time taking away a persons right to grow (or source) their own medicine. The proliferation of grey market dispensaries, compassion clubs and the like will continue (also in part due to crazy prices from corporate LP’s and the low quality/poor selection crap they make). But hey, thats cool too, more people to lock up on retarded drug charges. Gotta love those Conservative mandatory minimums!

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