Canadian MMJ Producers Poised to Release Oils, Extracts

Several of Canada’s premier medical marijuana producers are ready to start selling oils and extracts, pending formal approval by the federal government.

The move to broaden Canadian MMJ offerings came just this past summer, after Health Canada – which oversees the marijuana industry – issued a clarifying order that cannabis producers are allowed to manufacture extracts. Previously, licensed marijuana companies in the country had been limited to dried cannabis flower.

Around half of the nation’s 25 licensed producers have tried to get permits to begin manufacturing MMJ extracts, according to CBC News, including Tweed and Tilray.

Tilray alone has 20 extract products awaiting government approval for sale, ranging from liquid oils to gel caps to topical lotions. Tweed plans on releasing two or three extract products initially and then possibly ramp up its product line to 10 or more.

Prices for extract products are not expected to be much higher than the per-gram cost for flower, which currently ranges from $4 to $14, CBC reported.