Canadian Patient Files Complaint After Dispensary Shuttered

A medical marijuana patient in Saskatoon, Canada, has filed a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission after police raided and closed an unlicensed Saskatoon medical marijuana dispensary on Oct. 29.

Anderson said the Saskatchewan Compassion Club was the only place he felt safe purchasing marijuana to treat his chronic knee pain, and that he was afraid he would lose his own growing license if he bought medical marijuana from a licensed producer, according to the Toronto Star.

The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code protects people from discrimination based on disability or medical condition. Anderson asserted that the closure of the dispensary prevents him from getting his medicine, and therefore discriminates against his condition.

The complaint names Mayor Don Atchison and police chief Clive Weighill.

Police arrested dispensary owner Mark Hauk and three other people.

Canada officially outlaws storefront dispensaries, yet many still exist in certain areas of the country.