Cannabis Edibles Debut in Illinois

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Illinois now have a new product to offer their patients: edibles.

Ataraxia, a cultivator in the small town of Albion, recently delivered cannabis chocolates to two dispensaries, which started selling the infused products on Saturday, according to the Associated Press.

The square-inch chocolates contain 10 milligrams of THC and cost $7 to $9 each.

Other cultivation sites will deliver edibles starting in January or February, the AP reported.

Under the state’s pilot MMJ program, edible products must be produced by cultivators already licensed by the state. Illinois also requires warnings on the products so that consumers can tell them apart from regular candy and food. The labels must warn about potential side effects as well.

The state’s health department is drafting edibles guidelines and safety precautions for patients.

Some 3,600 medical marijuana patients are registered in the state, where eight dispensaries are now open. Through their first month of business, the dispensaries recorded more than $800,000 in sales.

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One comment on “Cannabis Edibles Debut in Illinois
  1. Brett Roper on

    It is encouraging that the ingestibles is getting some traction in Illinois … hats off to George and Ross for this accomplishment, considering all they have 11 months ago was a plot of dirt and no building in Albion. Their GC and team are to be commended on both their speed to market as well as the safe methods used there. BTW, they were also one of the 1st to be approved by the Department of Agriculture for operations too!

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