Cannabis Group Gains Entry to Oregon State Fair

The Oregon Cannabis Business Council scored a spot at the 2015 Oregon State Fair, indicating that more mainstream organizations are warming to the industry in states that have legalized marijuana.

Although the group wasn’t allowed to sell or hand out cannabis products or samples, it did promote the industry with educational literature and the like, according to the Oregonian.

The council has big ideas for featuring marijuana products at the state fair in the coming years. They’re aiming to get cannabis a new entrance into the fair’s horticulture competition, complete with ribbon awards. Council leaders are even dreaming of a cannabis-themed bakery competition for edibles producers, with a possible marijuana brownie bake-off in the works for future fairs.

But that’s a long way from reality, council spokespeople admitted. They’ll have to get the backing from fair officials if they want to get any further than an educational booth.

“We’re just taking baby steps,” one council representative told the paper. “We would have never guessed we’d be doing anything like this.”