Marijuana Companies Donate Big Bucks to FL Legalization Drive

Florida’s campaign to legalize medical marijuana is receiving some solid financial support from the cannabis industry.

The People United for Medical Marijuana group has raised approximately $5.5 million from 5,659 donations – some of them from established marijuana companies in other states.

Harborside Health Center in Oakland donated $20,000 to the organization, while Las Vegas-based Ghost Management Group – which has ties to numerous marijuana websites and ventures – ponied up $10,000, according to the Broward/Palm Beach New Times.

Additionally, Scott Dittman, the chief executive officer of cultivation equipment manufacturer Fusion Pharm, pitched in $40,000.

People United is drumming up support for a measure to legalize medical marijuana that will appear on the ballot this fall. Florida recently legalized the production and sale of CBD oils – but not of the plant itself or THC-heavy products.

The cannabis companies join a collection of other businesses across Florida that have donated five-figure sums to the campaign.

The company Sports Managing gave $50,000. Harrison’s Organic Acres in Palm Beach pitched in $50,000, while Manchester Capital gave $30,000, according to the New Times.

The donations could hint that these groups plan to enter the cannabis industry.

The lion’s share of the campaign’s funds have come from two donors: attorney John Morgan and Democratic fundraiser Barbara Stiefel.

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