Cannabis Producers Have New Worry: Stoned Rabbits

Cannabis businesses face opposition from anti-marijuana advocates worried about the drug falling into the hands of children. Now they also must battle fears about the impact of marijuana on animals.

A DEA agent warned a legislative panel in Utah debating whether to allow CBD-based edibles that cannabis legalization could lead to fields of stoned rabbits.

Special Agent Matt Fairbanks – a member of the DEA’s marijuana eradication team in Utah – said that during his time eliminating cannabis production on public lands, he encountered rabbits that had become addicted to the plants and lost their fear of humans.

His contention is that planting marijuana could have harmful effects on the environment.

While animals certainly could consume cannabis grown in fields, the Washington Post’s Wonkblog made note that one way to prevent that is to, in fact, allow legal cultivation in warehouses and greenhouses.

The legislative committee was unswayed and approved the bill, sending it to the full Utah Senate for debate.

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8 comments on “Cannabis Producers Have New Worry: Stoned Rabbits
  1. jim on

    Back in 72 I planted a patch of cannabis in the spring in a fallow field . by mid summer when I checked it next there were a couple dozen nice plants growing. But in the fall when I went to check for harvest the deer had chewed them almost to the ground. When I walked up to the patch a big buck jumped up out of the tall weeds about 20 feet away and just starred at me for 2 or 3 minutes before wandering off(very odd). He didn’t stomp or threaten me as bucks will during the rut. So I wouldn’t worry about “cannabis crazed killer rabbits”. Besides, you could just throw a few dorito’s at them and you would be

  2. Robert Hempaz on

    Ha! The country of Liechtenstein also passed a law prohibiting the resident cattle from munching on feral hemp leaves. The fear there was that CBD may enter the nation’s milk supply. Which is a good thing! CBD has been shown to be anti-psychotic. The perfect elixir for the stressed-out mentality that today pervades this great patriotic nation of ours. Leave the hemp plant alone! Nature will adjust. A stoned-out rabbit (if any) will or will not make a more appetizing meal for a Tiger Owl. And, the check and balance on the rodent population will or will not be enhanced. What about cock-roaches? How does hemp seed affect that insect. We used to have clouds of song-birds migrating over our fields and planes in America. Bring back the wild, feral hemp seed, and you will see a great return in the number of song-birds to America. “Birds love it! … Even the lawyer, too!”~ Peter Tosh

  3. D on

    This guy actually collects a paycheck and a pension at tax payer expense? So now planting PLANTS will harm the environment and rabbits? This is the new Bugs Bunny Reefer Madness

  4. pj on

    He needs to do some research on the sublingual uptake of THC & CBD. There is a reason that it is either smoked or put into an edible and not just eaten raw. THC becomes active after reaching a temperature of around 330-335 degrees. CBD becomes active at a higher temperature of around 350-355 degrees. Not to say that there aren’t trace amounts of cannibanoids that could have effects. We’re finally able to actually test this Class 1 narcotic. Thank goodness we have our government spending tons of money to ensure we are safe from ourselves. Maybe they should be looking more at the hormones we eat and feed our kids every day in milk and chicken meat… I can tell you for sure that the chickens they sell whole don’t have breasts the size you get in the meat department.

  5. gentle jim on

    Hey “D” maybe it was” Bugs Bongy ” , or” Buds Bunny” So you better watch out. DEA says it is a gateway drug so He’ll be demanding more,like Cannabis Carrot edibles. Ooh! Product placement. Purina Funny Bunny kibbles. MMMM!! LOL

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