Cannabis Retailer Sues CO City Over License Denial

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A disgruntled recreational marijuana vendor has filed suit against one of the largest cities in Colorado, claiming that officials “manipulated the process” in deciding to deny the company’s application for a business license.

According to The Denver Post, Metro Cannabis, which already operates a rec shop in Denver, claims that an Aurora city official openly admitted a “clear mathematical error” in its licensing process, yet still denied the company a business permit.

“The process was in fact conducted according to a set of unwritten rules that appear to have been made up and changed at the whim of (Aurora Marijuana Enforcement Division) officials,” the suit alleges. “The result was that AMED failed to implement an objective and transparent process to award licenses to the most qualified applicants.”

Metro Cannabis was one of 58 shops to apply for a recreational sales license in Aurora back in July, but only 21 licenses were handed out in August, according to The Post. The city could conceivably issue three more business licenses.

The suit seeks a business license for Metro Cannabis as well as damages.