Marijuana Industry Data and Charts

Chart of the Week: 2014 Performance of Cannabis Stocks By Quarter

By Marijuana Business Daily staff Cannabis stocks proved lucrative at the beginning of 2014, but the chances of a solid return deteriorated in the second half of the year. An investor who pumped money into a mix of securities followed by the Viridian Cannabis Stock Index in early January of last year could’ve netted a […]

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Chart of the Week: Latest patient counts in emerging medical marijuana markets

By Marijuana Business Daily staff Medical marijuana dispensaries are slated to launch in several new states this year, accelerating the MMJ industry’s march across the country. But it’s difficult to determine the potential size of these markets, as it will largely depend on how many patients register for medical cannabis

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Chart of the Week: Monthly Medical, Recreational Marijuana Sales in Colorado

By Marijuana Business Daily staff So much for initial concerns that recreational cannabis would end up being a novelty. The rec industry had a meteoric rise in Colorado, with sales matching and then surpassing medical marijuana revenues in the second half of 2014. All told, the rec industry topped MMJ sales in three months of […]

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Chart of the Week: New Businesses Flooding the Cannabis Industry

By Marijuana Business Daily staff The Green Rush is alive and well. Roughly 53% of cannabis-related businesses either launched in 2014 or are in startup mode now, underscoring intense entrepreneurial interest in the industry, according to preliminary data from Marijuana Business Media’s recent survey of executives in the sector. This represents a slight uptick from […]

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Chart of the Week: Increasing Pace of Recreational, Medical Marijuana Legalization

By Jennifer Mann If the recent past is any indication, the cannabis industry should be optimistic for legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana at the state level in 2015 and beyond. Over the last five years, a whopping 16 cannabis legalization measures cleared state legislatures or were approved by voters (not including CBD-focused initiatives). […]

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Chart of the Week: The Challenging Banking Climate for Marijuana Businesses

By Jennifer Mann The difficulties dispensaries and recreational cannabis stores face on the banking front are well documented. Although the federal government issued guidance early last year on how banks can work with the industry, the vast majority of financial institutions still keep marijuana companies at arm’s length. Just 105

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Chart of the Week: Breakdown of Energy Use at a Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Site

By Jennifer Mann With electricity bills for marijuana grow facilities running thousands of dollars a month in some cases, understanding how energy usage breaks down is the starting point to controlling costs. Just three areas – lighting, air conditioning, and ventilation and dehumidification – comprise almost 80% of total energy costs for an average commercial […]

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Chart of the Week: The Impact of a Holiday on Washington State’s Marijuana Industry

By Jennifer Mann

How much can a big holiday impact recreational cannabis companies?

A lot, as evidenced by a breakdown of overall recreational cannabis revenue in Washington State over the course of an average week vs. Thanksgiving week.

Sales hit $3.65 million during the holiday week this year, up about 30% from $2.8 million for the average week between September and the end of November, according to data from the state. The numbers include sales generated by retail stores, producers and processors.

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