Marijuana Industry Statistics, Data and Charts

Chart of the Week: Average Annual MMJ Purchases By State Vary Widely

By Becky Olson

The average quantity of MMJ flower patients in select states bought from dispensaries last year ranged from as few as 3.4 ounces per patient in Rhode Island to as many as 15.5 ounces per patient in Colorado – a huge range that can have a material impact on dispensary revenue.

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Chart of the Week: Marijuana Stock Volatility Underscores Uncertainty, Industry’s Challenges

By Becky Olson Marijuana stocks are a wild bunch. One moment they’re soaring to the stratosphere, the next they’re plummeting back to earth and on life support…then they’re hitting new highs again. The volatility highlights uncertainty about the industry’s future and publicly traded cannabis companies in general, as well as the fact that most cannabis-related […]

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