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Chart of the Week: Profitability in the Cannabis Industry

By Marijuana Business Daily staff Despite all the challenges, regulations and roadblocks the cannabis industry faces, the vast majority of marijuana companies are actually doing well financially. Nearly 90% of operating dispensaries and recreational marijuana stores, infused products companies and wholesale cultivators – the three pillars of the MJ trade – report that they are […]

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Chart of the Week: Optimism running high in all marijuana sectors

By Marijuana Business Daily staff Cannabis professionals are bullish on the future these days. About 40% of marijuana entrepreneurs, founders and executives from across the industry predict that their businesses will boom this year, with those in testing, wholesale cultivation and retail among the most optimistic.

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Chart of the Week: Profit Margins for Infused Products Can Be Sky High

By Marijuana Business Daily staff Making marijuana-infused chocolate bars, sodas, oils and patches can be a highly profitable endeavor. Profit margins for infused products and concentrates companies in the cannabis sector typically hover around 32%, according to data in the 2016 Marijuana Business Factbook.

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Chart of the Week: Wholesale Recreational Cannabis Revenues Rocket 163% in Colorado

By Becky Olson Recreational cannabis sales via licensed stores ballooned 88% in Colorado last year to hit nearly $600 million, according to calculations based on data from the state’s revenue department. But an equally compelling story is tied to wholesale recreational marijuana sales, which soared 163% in 2015 to hit $234 million. 

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