Updated retail cannabis sales in California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington state

COVID-19 has disrupted day-to-day operations for many marijuana businesses. In the face of uncertainty, retail cannabis operators have been keeping a close eye on shifts in purchasing behavior.

This chart highlights daily sales trends for select markets during this period.

Members of Congress seek marijuana industry inclusion in coronavirus relief

Almost three dozen members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed a letter to congressional leaders urging that cannabis companies be included in future federal relief packages aimed at stimulating the economy during the COVID-19 outbreak. The letter was spearheaded by the bipartisan Congressional Cannabis Caucus, which is led by Democratic U.S. Reps. Earl […]

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COVID-19 sharpens focus on digital cannabis marketing in Canada

A captive audience in search of digital distraction, combined with boosted cannabis demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, means Canada’s marijuana businesses have an opportunity to fine-tune their online marketing and branding strategies, marketing experts say. Even though Canadian cannabis producers and retailers are largely excluded from traditional advertising by law, they can nevertheless employ some […]

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How lack of tourism during COVID-19 is affecting cannabis retailers in certain markets

Marijuana retail businesses in markets that depend on travelers and tourism for at least a portion of their sales are being forced to pivot in response to the coronavirus pandemic in part by appealing more to local customers. Stay-at-home orders in U.S. states have pushed marijuana company executives to rethink business strategies that appeal to tourists, […]

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Recreational marijuana won’t make Missouri ballot this year

Voters in Missouri won’t have an opportunity to legalize recreational cannabis in 2020. Missourians for a New Approach, the campaign working to gather signatures to put an adult-use cannabis initiative on the ballot, is suspending its efforts, the Springfield News-Leader reported. In announcing the campaign is over, the group cited difficulties related to the state’s shelter-in-place orders […]

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Ruling backs MA gov’s closure of adult-use cannabis stores – but offers options

A Massachusetts judge has ruled that Gov. Charlie Baker was within his authority to shutter recreational cannabis stores during the current coronavirus crisis, disappointing an industry that is losing nearly $2 million a day because of the closures. But industry officials pledge to continue discussions with Baker’s administration about reopening the stores and noted the judge’s […]

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Montana adult-use marijuana advocates sue to collect ballot signatures digitally

Backers of a recreational marijuana legalization campaign in Montana are taking the state to court for the right to collect signatures electronically during the coronavirus crisis. The group, New Approach Montana, also is requesting that the deadline for submitting signatures be extended from June 19 to August 3, according to Helene TV station KTVH. The […]

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What cannabis companies need to know about the CARES Act paycheck protection program

Many small business, including marijuana companies, have rushed to apply for paycheck protection during the COVID-19 crisis under the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). The first-come, first-served program totals about $350 million. It provides what amounts to a free loan to small businesses to help them weather the pandemic and […]

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What’s your take on COVID-19’s impact on marijuana investments?

A heavily regulated marijuana industry such as Illinois’ and the current status of cannabis in the state might be just what’s needed to deal with the coronavirus crisis and a probable economic recession, according to industry officials. Yet, newly licensed entrants to that state’s cannabis industry will not only be challenged by a lingering coronavirus […]

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Cannabis technology firm Greenbits raises $23 million

California-based cannabis-technology firm Greenbits, which processes $3.7 billion in sales in more than 1,200 U.S. marijuana stores each year, raised $23 million in a financing round. Greenbits, based in San Jose, said it will use the Series B funding to: Accelerate sales. Fund marketing. Develop products. Expand into new markets. The company’s technology currently is used […]

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Washington DC allows medical marijuana deliveries, curbside pickups

The nation’s capital is the latest medical cannabis market to permit dispensaries to provide deliveries and curbside pickups to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Washington DC’s Democratic mayor, Muriel Bowser, signed an emergency rule allowing dispensaries to provide deliveries and curbside pickups until Aug. 12. Increasingly during the coronavirus crisis, marijuana stores across the U.S. […]

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As outdoor cannabis approvals grow in Canada, COVID-19 not expected to delay planting season

Health Canada approvals for outdoor cannabis cultivation have increased by more than 25% in the past few months, and growers are bullish for now despite the COVID-19 pandemic that’s encroaching into planting season. Canadian outdoor cannabis producers contacted by Marijuana Business Daily said they expect their open-air crops will proceed as usual this year. For example, […]

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