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Connecticut Grows Resemble Pharmaceutical Factories

Medical marijuana cultivators in Connecticut operate in one of the most tightly regulated environments in the industry, and at least one grower likens his setup to a pharmaceutical factory. “We aren’t just growing plants in a warehouse,” David Lipton, owner of Advanced Grow Labs, told the Wall Street Journal. “We really are like a startup […]

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Cultivation & Conservation: Easy Ways for Marijuana Grows to Cut Water Usage

By Fred Dreier Water usage has become a focal point in the cannabis industry this year, with cultivators across the country battling droughts and water restrictions. Growers in California have been hit the hardest, with a historic drought sending reservoir levels to record lows. Water rights activists in Northern California have asked marijuana cultivators specifically […]

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Kerry Blasdel: 6 Steps to Finding Real Estate For Your MMC

The hunt for MMJ dispensary and recreational retail real estate can be difficult, complex, and time consuming. It is more burdensome to find and pre-qualify property in the MMJ industry than in almost any other commercial industry, due to many restrictions imposed by both local and state governments.

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