Marijuana Cultivation

Sustainable cultivation practices can boost a marijuana company’s bottom line

OutCo, a cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and retail company in Southern California, marked a milestone May 7: It harvested its final crop grown under high-pressure sodium lights.

The company needed a couple of years to transition from the powerful but power-sucking HPS lights used by most commercial growers today to more expensive – but more efficient – LED lights.

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Massachusetts asks municipalities to curb demands on cannabis firms

Massachusetts marijuana regulators urged city and town officials to keep within the boundaries of state law when negotiating local agreements with recreational marijuana businesses. The Cannabis Control Commission cited “anecdotal” evidence of municipalities putting excessive financial demands on companies wishing to locate within their communities, further slowing the already delayed rollout of the state’s voter-approved […]

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How high is too high? Valuations continue to climb for Canadian cannabis businesses

As more cannabis companies go public and private businesses raise capital at an unprecedented clip, valuations have become a hot topic among industry observers, insiders and investors. That’s especially true in Canada, where a growing number of cannabis firms have fetched multibillion-dollar valuations in the public markets as they’ve hustled to become a top player […]

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California cannabis greenhouses catch fire; blaze under investigation

Several cannabis greenhouses caught fire Monday afternoon in central California, leading the company’s 300 employees to evacuate and call authorities for help. The greenhouses are owned by Loudpack Farms, a licensed cultivation operation in the tiny hamlet of Greenfield, about 150 miles southeast of San Francisco. No injuries were reported, according to Salinas TV station KSBW. […]

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Awaiting a marijuana business license? It’s possible to defray building rental costs

It can take months for a marijuana business to gain licensing approval from regulators.

The biggest problem facing a company in such a situation is it usually must have the location nailed down before filing an application.

But paying rent on space before having a license in hand can cost a lot of money, unless steps are taken early in the process to minimize costs.

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Maryland medical marijuana company has license reinstated

MaryMed has been given another chance at Maryland’s medical marijuana market after a judge ruled that the MMJ company likely didn’t violate the law. The Baltimore Business Journal reported the Dorchester-based company received preapproval from state regulators in 2016 to open cultivation, retail and processing operations. But the licenses were rejected after the state began […]

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Electric utilities work with cannabis growers to save on power costs

Despite knowing for years that electricity is a major expense that can significantly affect everyone’s bottom line, marijuana businesses – especially growers – are still struggling to keep costs manageable. The good news is that a burgeoning number of utility companies are working with cannabis cultivators to better manage costs.

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