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Maryland grants medical marijuana licenses to eight businesses

Maryland regulators have given eight more medical marijuana companies the green light to begin operations, a positive sign for a program that’s been fraught with problems. According to The Baltimore Sun, the state granted licenses to one cultivator/processor, three processors, two testing labs and two dispensaries: Cultivation/processing: Kind Pharmaceuticals USA (Washington County) Processing: Pharmaculture Corporation (Allegany), Rosebud Organics (Montgomery) […]

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Out-of-state companies making a run for Ohio’s medical marijuana licenses

By Bart Schaneman Out-of-state medical cannabis companies are jumping into the nascent Ohio market because the state lacks a residency requirement for business owners. While a majority of the applicants are listed as Ohio-based companies, at least a dozen either have an out-of-state business address or are connected to companies based elsewhere.

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Pennsylvania medical marijuana program on track, but legal issues loom

By Bart Schaneman

Pennsylvania’s developing medical marijuana market appears to be progressing on schedule.

Industry watchers expect seeds to be in the ground ahead of the Dec. 20 deadline, six months after 12 grower/processor licenses and 27 dispensary permits were issued. But a pair of legal issues could gum up the works.

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Florida will delay awarding five new medical cannabis licenses

Florida’s medical marijuana regulators will miss their deadline to award five more MMJ business licenses. A statute passed in June required the state’s MMJ regulators to issue five new medical marijuana licenses by Aug. 3 and five more by Oct. 3. The first five were awarded on time, but the others will be delayed for […]

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Medical marijuana cultivation now an official farming sector in Israel

Israel is classifying medical marijuana cultivation in the same farming sector as traditional agriculture. The Agricultural Ministry’s decision means up to 20 farmers will qualify for government aid in the form of grants, water quotas and training, The Jerusalem Post reported. The reclassification of Israel’s MMJ farmers follows an August announcement that the nation plans […]

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Maine panel signs off on rewrite of recreational cannabis law

Maine’s recreational marijuana law underwent a rewrite by a legislative committee this week that could spell major changes for the program, including an increased tax rate and a two-year residency requirement to own a rec shop. But Maine Gov. Paul LePage hasn’t expressed much enthusiasm about adult-use marijuana, and committee members are concerned he’ll veto or […]

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Michigan ups grow capacity for medical cannabis cultivators

Michigan regulators announced this week that medical marijuana cultivation license applicants will be allowed to apply for multiple permits at a single location, meaning that they could potentially grow many more plants than originally anticipated. Under state law, growers can apply for three types of licenses. Class A license holders can grow up to 500 plants, […]

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Canadian firm planning massive MMJ greenhouse in Australia

PUF Ventures plans to build a 1-million-square-foot medical marijuana greenhouse in Australia that could eventually generate about 1 billion Canadian dollars ($850 million) annually, according to a news release from the company. The company – based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and traded as PUF on the Canadian Securities Exchange – said the phased build-out will have […]

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Canada could add 150,000 cannabis jobs – some with salaries nearing six digits

By Matt Lamers Canada’s medical marijuana sector is continuing its blistering pace of growth, bringing with it more jobs and higher, more competitive salaries. The industry could add another 150,000 jobs over the next couple of years, according to one estimate, and a recent survey showed that salaries are more mainstream than ever.

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Celebrity sues CBD line, claiming trademark violation

Actress Jessica Alba is suing a Colorado business that makes CBD nutritional supplements, claiming that Honest Herbal infringes on the trademark of her Los Angeles firm, The Honest Co., which makes personal-care products and vitamins. Alba argues in the federal lawsuit filed in California that the 3-year-old CBD company is trying “to confuse consumers and profit […]

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Pennsylvania medical cannabis firm kicks off $500K marketing push

In a first for Pennsylvania, a marijuana cultivation and dispensary business has launched a cannabis marketing campaign.

Cresco Yeltrah – which is affiliated with Illinois-based Cresco Labs – is spending roughly $500,000 on billboards, magazine and newspaper advertisements as well as a social media campaign, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

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Southern U. picks contractor to grow medical cannabis in Louisiana

Southern University has selected a vendor to run its medical marijuana program, moving Louisiana’s MMJ industry a step closer to reality. Southern’s Board of Supervisors chose Lafayette-based Advanced Biomedics to grow the marijuana for the Baton Rouge-based university, which will receive more than $6 million over five years from its cultivation partner. Under regulations established […]

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