Marijuana Cultivation

7 Illinois MMJ Cultivators Approved to Start Growing

Illinois has given final permission so far to seven medical cannabis cultivation centers to begin growing MMJ, bringing the industry a big step closer to the start of sales. The seven sites that have received the green light so far are PharmaCann, GTI, Nature’s Grace and Wellness, In Grown Farms, Ataraxia, and two by Ace, […]

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Wisconsin Tribe May Become Latest to Join MJ Industry

Wisconsin’s Menominee Tribe will have a vote among its roughly 9,000 members this week on whether or not the group will take the plunge and begin growing and selling cannabis. The members will take a two-part vote on Wednesday and Thursday this week, in a dual referendum on both MMJ and recreational cannabis. If a […]

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Florida May Boost Number of Legal CBD Producers

In an attempt to get out in front of a likely 2016 medical cannabis ballot measure, a small group of Florida state lawmakers have revealed a new bill that would eliminate the cap on marijuana growers allowed by the state, and also expand the qualifying medical condition list for CBD. Currently, Florida law allows for […]

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Local Concerns in Maryland Travel a Well-Worn Path

Industry officials in Maryland are navigating local community concerns about cannabis businesses, following a storyline which has played out in many other states rolling out MMJ programs. A standing-room crowd gathered at the Maryland Association of Counties conference on Thursday to hear county leaders discuss regulations governing the state’s MMJ program. At particular issue is […]

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Illegal Dispensaries Hurting Canada’s Licensed Producers

The CEO of Tilray, a licensed medical cannabis producer in Canada, says the failure of Vancouver to regulate unlicensed dispensaries is negatively affecting the company’s business results. Greg Engel said the proliferation of federally illegal dispensaries in British Columbia “has been a challenge,” according to a report in the Georgia Straight. Only 7% of the […]

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Bans, Burdensome Regulations on Marijuana Businesses Arising in Rural Oregon

By John Schroyer

Some rural communities in Oregon are enacting bans on recreational cannabis businesses, while others are pushing through various restrictions and regulations.

The moves are designed to hamper the marijuana industry and clamp down on cannabis use, which could limit opportunities in certain areas.

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Secondary Market for MMJ Business Licenses Developing in Nevada

By Tony C. Dreibus

A number of companies and wealthy entrepreneurs are hoping to purchase provisional medical cannabis licenses – or acquire the businesses that won them – in Nevada under a new law allowing the transfer of MMJ permits, creating a potentially lucrative secondary market.

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Tennessee Inspecting Hemp Farms

Tennessee regulators are working their way through the state’s 53 hemp farms, checking on sizes, acreage and other aspects of the sites to ensure that all cultivators are staying within the rules.

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Wildfires Could Drive Up California MMJ Prices

California wildfires that have destroyed 43 homes are cutting into the amount of cannabis available to Bay Area dispensaries, potentially increasing prices for marijuana that’s grown outdoors.

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GW Pharma Could Win FDA Approval in Early 2016

GW Pharma appears poised to enter the United States cannabis market. The British company reportedly could get clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a CBD-based product by early next year.

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