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Week in Review: New York’s black market, new Maryland cannabis licensees & Michigan cultivation rule

John Schroyer  | October 6, 2017

By Omar Sacirbey, Bart Schaneman and John Schroyer

Potential medical marijuana patients in New York are turning to the black market, Maryland awards eight more MMJ business licenses, and a new Michigan law could increase cannabis cultivators’ production.

Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week. 

Michigan raids lead to closure of 8 medical marijuana dispensaries

John Schroyer  | October 5, 2017

A whopping eight medical cannabis dispensaries were raided and forced to close in northern Michigan.

All eight were located in Grand Traverse County and were raided by the Traverse City Police, Traverse Narcotics Team and Michigan State Police, UpNorthLive.com reported.

The raids were executed simultaneously after a monthlong investigation involving undercover officers who …

Alberta’s rec cannabis blueprint leaves door open to private retailers, MJ clubs and lounges

Matt Lamers  | October 5, 2017

By Matt Lamers

Alberta’s proposed framework to regulate marijuana leaves open the possibility private companies could sell adult-use products, a move that would be a boon for businesses wanting to participate in the province's retail sector.

The provincial government also signaled it is open to marijuana cafes and lounges, which would provide more opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Maryland grants medical marijuana licenses to eight businesses

Bart Schaneman  | October 4, 2017

Maryland regulators have given eight more medical marijuana companies the green light to begin operations, a positive sign for a program that’s been fraught with problems.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the state granted licenses to one cultivator/processor, three processors, two testing labs and two dispensaries:

  • Cultivation/processing: Kind Pharmaceuticals USA (Washington County)
  • Processing: Pharmaculture …

Quebec to use government stores to sell recreational cannabis

Matt Lamers  | October 3, 2017

Quebec plans to corner the recreational marijuana market by handing retail responsibilities to its government-owned liquor board, according to Radio-Canada, a move that might see private businesses barred from selling marijuana after it’s legalized next summer.

Canada’s second-largest province by population might follow in the footsteps of Ontario.

Radio-Canada, a government-owned broadcaster, also …

Pennsylvania medical marijuana program on track, but legal issues loom

Bart Schaneman  | October 3, 2017

By Bart Schaneman

Pennsylvania’s developing medical marijuana market appears to be progressing on schedule.

Industry watchers expect seeds to be in the ground ahead of the Dec. 20 deadline, six months after 12 grower/processor licenses and 27 dispensary permits were issued. But a pair of legal issues could gum up the works.

Florida will delay awarding five new medical cannabis licenses

Omar Sacirbey  | October 2, 2017

Florida’s medical marijuana regulators will miss their deadline to award five more MMJ business licenses.

A statute passed in June required the state’s MMJ regulators to issue five new medical marijuana licenses by Aug. 3 and five more by Oct. 3.

The first five were awarded on time, but the others will …