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Nevada Supreme Court halts cannabis distribution licensing

Nevada’s marijuana distribution court fight will last at least another few weeks. On Friday, the Nevada state Supreme Court issued a temporary injunction prohibiting the Department of Taxation from issuing any more marijuana distribution licenses, in a move that could extend supply chain problems for cannabis retailers in the short term. Oral arguments in the case […]

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Deadline looms for businesses to submit comments to FDA on CBD

Producers and retailers of CBD products have a few more days to try to discourage international health regulators from classifying the substance as a psychotropic drug.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced last month it wants comments about CBD to send to the World Health Organization. The deadline for comments has been extended a week to midnight ET Sept. 20.

The FDA plans to forward the comments to the WHO without recommending an action.

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Ottawa signals hands-off stance on provincial rec cannabis plans

Canada’s federal government has indicated it won’t interfere in how provinces decide to regulate distribution, taxation and retail when adult-use marijuana is slated to become legal next summer – regardless of how the provincial programs are implemented. “Each province has the flexibility to design it the way they think most appropriate. Ontario has laid out […]

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Slow-moving Massachusetts a concern for recreational marijuana launch

By Omar Sacirbey

Many Massachusetts cannabis advocates are worried that a regulatory agency heavy on members who voted against legalization may try to undermine the state’s nascent recreational marijuana industry.

But a far bigger worry, it seems, is that “in Massachusetts, things tend to move really slow.”

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New legal opinion: Nevada public cannabis consumption lounges OK

Nevada marijuana entrepreneurs take note: Businesses in your state are not prevented by law from establishing a public cannabis consumption lounge or hosting an event that allows recreational MJ use. That’s according to a new legal opinion from the Legislative Counsel Bureau that was requested by state Sen. Tick Segerblom, the Nevada Independent reported. Marijuana consumption […]

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Iowa attorney general halts medical cannabis oil import plan

An unusual attempt by Iowa to work with another state to transport medical marijuana oil across state lines is on hold amid legal concerns it could invite scrutiny from the federal government. Iowa’s MMJ law, updated this year, mandates that the state license two cannabis oil producers and five dispensaries in the state by the end of […]

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Ontario to launch state-run retail marijuana outlets

Marijuana will be sold in Ontario through a chain of government-run stores, all existing medical cannabis dispensaries will be closed, and consumption will be limited to private homes, Ontario’s Liberal government said Friday in announcing the province’s framework governing recreational MJ. The measures effectively shut the door to private businesses in the retail space and will make […]

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Prince Edward Island weighs government-run cannabis stores

Another Canadian province is signaling that recreational marijuana could be sold through a government-run monopoly, which would severely curtail business opportunities for entrepreneurs wanting a piece of the retail pie. Prince Edward Island Premier Wade MacLauchlan told CBC News that his province is considering stand-alone, government-run stores for the sale of adult-use cannabis versus privately […]

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Recreational marijuana shortage predicted in Massachusetts

Massachusetts isn’t slated to begin recreational marijuana sales until next summer, but industry insiders are already predicting an inventory shortage akin to what happened in Nevada and other states that have launched MJ programs in recent years. The problem is simple: There won’t be enough supply to satisfy demand, according to MassLive.com. “The first places to open […]

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Washington state broker aims to sell bundle of 12 marijuana retailers for up to $70M

By Bart Schaneman A dozen marijuana retail businesses in Washington state are employing an unusual strategy on the mergers and acquisitions front: package their assets together for a combination sale. In a move that’s being described as “unprecedented,” Seattle-based investment bank GRN Funds is asking $60 million-$70 million for the 12 retail cannabis firms.

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New Brunswick task force backs government-run marijuana stores

A New Brunswick legislative panel is recommending that recreational marijuana be sold through government-run stores to people at least 19 years old, a move that would limit opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs interested in retail opportunities. The Select Committee on Cannabis – composed of provincial lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle – sought public […]

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