Marijuana Election News

Maine suspends marijuana ballot recount until new year

The ballot recount of Maine’s initiative to legalize recreational marijuana is on hold until 2017 to give legalization opponents time to mull whether they want to continue the tally. With about 30% of the ballots counted, there was no significant change in the outcome of the Nov. 8 vote in favor of legalization, according to the […]

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New Market: Smooth rollout expected for Arkansas MMJ industry

By Bart Schaneman

The Arkansas medical marijuana industry is expected to experience a smooth launch and will likely serve a small, but not tiny, market.

After a previous legalization measure failed narrowly in 2012, voters in the Bible Belt state passed an initiative on Nov. 8 to allow the use, cultivation and sale of medical cannabis.

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CA treasurer forms group to address federal banking rules

California’s state treasurer has assembled a group to address the problems caused by banks’ refusal to deal with marijuana businesses, following up on his state’s legalization of recreational cannabis in the Nov. 8 election. State Treasurer John Chiang also sent a letter to President-elect Donald Trump and included members of California’s congressional delegation asking for help […]

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Week in Review: Lift for New York market, anti-MJ Trump choice & Canada rec development

By Omar Sacirbey, John Schroyer and Bart Schaneman New York’s lagging medical cannabis trade receives some good news, Donald Trump picks another marijuana critic for his cabinet, and Canada considers giving MMJ companies a leg up in the recreational market. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

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Trump makes second anti-cannabis cabinet pick

President-elect Donald Trump has made a second anti-marijuana appointment to his cabinet, selecting Rep. Tom Price from Georgia to serve as Health and Human Services secretary. At the federal level, the HHS doesn’t regulate marijuana. That’s left to the Justice Department, but the HHS secretary can control the availability of cannabis in states that have legalized […]

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Maine rec legalization recount to begin Monday

A formal recount of Maine’s election results on recreational cannabis legalization is set to begin Monday and is expected to take four to six weeks and cost the state up to half a million dollars. Question 1, the formal name of the Maine rec initiative, was approved by less than a 1% margin of votes cast […]

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Maine preparing for recount on recreational cannabis

A formal recount of the Nov. 8 election results in Maine, including the initiative that would legalize adult-use cannabis, is now on the way. The Maine secretary of state has certified the signatures on a pair of recount petitions that target the marijuana ballot measure as well as an educational tax, and the office is […]

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AR lawmakers consider delaying medical marijuana program

Arkansas lawmakers may delay the rollout of the state’s newly legalized medical marijuana program. State lawmakers are discussing that along with a move to change how marijuana sales tax revenue will be doled out as well as adding an additional sales tax on cannabis, according to Arkansas Business. Last week, Arkansas voters passed an amendment to the […]

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Rep. Rohrabacher optimistic on future of cannabis under Trump

California Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is one of the marijuana industry’s staunchest allies in the U.S. House of Representatives, and while many in the cannabis trade may be fretting about the future, Rohrabacher predicted that the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump will leave industry oversight to the states. That extends to Trump’s pick of […]

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