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Canadian analysts eye ‘catalysts’ to reverse cannabis stock freefall

Canadian cannabis stocks are down over 40% since peaking in early January, leading analysts to speculate about what might ultimately trigger a rebound. The Canadian Marijuana Index, a basket of the leading cannabis stocks operating in Canada, is 40% off its peak, or a loss of nearly 15 billion Canadian dollars ($12 billion) in market […]

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Nova Scotia unveils recreational marijuana legislation

Nova Scotia became the latest province in Canada to unveil its legislative framework for recreational cannabis, laying down the ground rules for sales and consumption. While the bill leaves retail entrepreneurs on the sidelines, Nova Scotia boasts tax credits and affordable real estate that could benefit ancillary businesses ranging from cultivation equipment and packaging to security and […]

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Organa Brands co-founder Ralph Morgan departs for new CBD venture

The co-founder of marijuana vape manufacturer Organa Brands is leaving to start a new company focused on hemp-derived wellness products. Ralph Morgan said he is still exploring a name and headquarters location for his new company, which will produce cannabidiol concentrates marketed to a medical audience, not recreational marijuana consumers. Morgan told Marijuana Business Daily […]

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Medical cannabis bill advances in South Korea

A revised law to permit the use of medical marijuana in South Korea is scheduled for review by key lawmakers in the Legislative Welfare Committee later this month, the first real test for the bill since its introduction in the legislature two months ago. It has been in committee review since February and still faces […]

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Week in Review: California-Canada union, New Jersey’s MMJ expansion & a GOP thumbs-up for hemp

A Canadian cannabis business buys three California MJ companies, New Jersey expands its medical marijuana program, and a key Republican goes to bat for industrial hemp. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week. Northern invasion The announcement that yet another Canadian company – Ontario-based CannaRoyalty Corp. […]

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German court hits brakes on medical cannabis cultivation plan

A German court slammed the brakes on the country’s plan to grant contracts to cultivate medical marijuana, giving international exporters an even bigger head start over domestic production as the country struggles to meet MMJ demand.

A representative for the Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf told Marijuana Business Daily that the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) is not allowed to appeal the decision.

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Dried medical cannabis exports from Canada rise tenfold in 2017

Canadian licensed producers are exporting a record amount of medical cannabis in their drive to establish toeholds in burgeoning overseas markets.

Shipments of dried medical marijuana have soared since 2015, according to data shared with Marijuana Business Daily by Health Canada.

Just over 522 kilograms of dried cannabis was exported to four countries last year, more than 10 times the 44.8 kilograms shipped abroad in 2016.

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Australian state to investigate legalizing recreational cannabis

Australia’s second-most populous state will explore international developments around “cannabis for adult use” as part of its investigation into drug law reform. In a 586-page report, a parliamentary committee in Victoria recommended the creation of a council to investigate global changes in marijuana usage, as well as several other considerations involving comprehensive drug law reform. […]

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In a first, Africa exports medical marijuana to Canada

A company in southern Africa has sent the first-ever shipment of medical cannabis from Africa to Canada, a milestone that illustrates how global the international MMJ industry has become in recent years.

The medical cannabis was shipped from the landlocked nation of Lesotho on March 26 and is expected to arrive at its destination in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the coming days, Marijuana Business Daily has learned.

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Women fight ‘bro culture’ to make it in Canada’s marijuana sector

Jenna Valleriani, a Ph.D. and advocate for drug policy reform in the Canadian cannabis industry, recently compiled a list of women in marijuana that went viral on Twitter. The final tally: 40 names. As senior-level players from other industries – like investment and mining – enter the market armed with well-honed fundraising skills and leadership […]

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Canada hemp farmers blame overproduction for drooping prices

Hemp farmers in Canada say overproduction is depressing prices for seeds. The Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance told the Commodity News Service that Canadian seed prices have fallen from about 75 Canadian cents (58 cents) a pound last year to 55 Canadian cents a pound this year. Canada remains the world’s biggest hemp-seed producer, devoting about […]

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