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Marijuana companies could soon face major upheaval at federal level

John Schroyer  | July 26, 2017

By John Schroyer

Life could get a lot harder for the marijuana industry in the next two months, with advocates warning that a pair of cannabis business-protecting federal policies could be in serious jeopardy.

At issue is what action the federal government may take involving the precarious 2013 Cole Memo and expiring Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment.

Coalition sues US government with aim of legalizing cannabis

John Schroyer  | July 25, 2017

A group of five diverse plaintiffs have filed suit against the federal government and two Trump administration officials, claiming that marijuana’s status as a Schedule 1 narcotic is unconstitutional and should be changed.

The 89-page lawsuit, filed in New York District Court, asks that the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 be declared unconstitutional and that …

Alaska marijuana board proposes ban on certain rent deals

Omar Sacirbey  | July 24, 2017

Alaska marijuana regulators have proposed barring marijuana businesses from giving landlords a cut of their sales revenue in lieu of rent, overriding objections from MJ industry officials.

In a 3-2 vote last week, the Alaska Marijuana Control Office (AMCO) cited concerns that the practice would give non-marijuana business license holders – the landlords – …

Washington state’s marijuana advertising rules commence

Bart Schaneman  | July 21, 2017

Advertising will become even more difficult for marijuana businesses in Washington state this weekend when new restrictions take effect.

Starting Sunday, cannabis businesses statewide must start following advertising rules primarily intended to protect children from marijuana, TV station King 5 reported.

The law mandates that marijuana signage must clearly denote that …

Federal agents meet with Colorado officials on cannabis policy

John Schroyer  | July 20, 2017

Four federal agents visited Colorado this week to meet with public officials about the state’s marijuana policy and oversight.

The delegation included representatives from the U.S. Department of Justice, the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the Domestic Policy Council and the State Department, the Denver Post reported.

The group sat with …

Canadian provinces may seek delay in recreational cannabis rollout

Chris Walsh  | July 20, 2017

Canada’s premiers said they will request more time to launch their recreational marijuana industries if the federal government doesn’t address several outstanding issues this year – including concerns over supply and the black market.

The move threatens to derail the timing of Canada’s plans to launch a recreational cannabis industry next summer, which could create challenges …

Raid on Los Angeles marijuana grow has Teamsters up in arms

John Schroyer  | July 20, 2017

A raid by local police on a marijuana cultivation facility in Los Angeles has a chapter of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters crying foul.

A spokeswoman for Teamsters Joint Council 42 called the raid on THC Design “ridiculous,” according to a news release.

THC Design runs three cultivation operations in the L.A. …

Alaska recreational marijuana shop owners eye tourists in push for onsite consumption

Bart Schaneman  | July 20, 2017

By Bart Schaneman

Alaska’s recreational marijuana business owners are fighting for the right to outfit their shops with a separate space to accommodate full consumption, including smoking, on their premises.

The move is largely designed so they can offer the 1 million-plus tourists who visit the state every year a place to consume cannabis.