Marijuana Legalization and Regulatory News for Cannabis Businesses

Update: Lawmakers Shoot Down Proposal to Halt Funding for Medical Marijuana Raids

A measure to eliminate federal funding for raids on legitimate medical marijuana businesses met a quick death late last night in the House of Representatives. The development highlights the significant hurdles medical cannabis faces on the federal level, where opposition remains strong despite growing support nationwide. The bill sputtered shortly after it was introduced, with […]

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Key Medical Cannabis Amendment Would Cut Federal Funding for Raids on MMJ Businesses

U.S. lawmakers are set to debate a measure that could have significant implications for the medical cannabis community, in a good way. Up for consideration is a proposal that, if passed, would bar federal funding from being used for medical marijuana raids. The bipartisan measure – called the Rohrabacher-Hinchey-Farr Amendment – would “recognize the right […]

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Obama’s ‘Clarification’ of Medical Marijuana Stance Creates Even More Confusion in Cannabis Industry

President Barack Obama made an earnest attempt to clarify his thinking on medical marijuana, telling Rolling Stone that his main concern is with “a murky area where you have large-scale, commercial operations that may…be supplying recreational users.” But his comments – which received widespread coverage this week – have created even more confusion, observers say. […]

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