Marijuana Legalization and Regulatory News for Cannabis Businesses

Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Industry Trapped in Limbo, Thanks to Governor

This was supposed to be a big week for Arizona’s fledgling medical marijuana industry. The permit process for new dispensaries was officially set to begin this Wednesday – setting the gears in motion and paving the way for medical pot centers to open up in the state. Notice how I’ve been using the past tense? […]

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Bills Add Up for Dispensary Owners With Medical Marijuana in Spotlight

We interviewed a dispensary owner in Denver last Friday for a future piece in our online publication and was shocked at the costs involved in this business. “I’m sitting here looking at a wall of bills right now, and I have about $70,000 due soon,” the owner said at one point during the interview. “Myself […]

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Let the Weed Business Battle Begin: Lawsuit by Marijuana Dispensaries a Monumental Affair

Here’s an interesting development on the legal front: Two dispensary owners in Montana are suing the federal government over raids conducted earlier this year, claiming that the moves were unconstitutional, “exceeded the government’s authority and pre-empted the state’s medical marijuana law.” Whoa. This is a big development. The legal landscape in the medical marijuana industry […]

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