Legal & Regulatory News for Marijuana Businesses

Vermont legislature passes recreational cannabis bill; gov says he’ll give OK

Vermont’s legislature on Wednesday became the first in the United States to pass a bill legalizing recreational marijuana. The legislation, H.511, allows those 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of cannabis and to cultivate a limited number of plants. However, the measure passed by the majority Democratic legislature does not include provisions for business […]

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Canadian marijuana producers have bankrolled more than enough capacity to meet rec demand

If a recreational marijuana shortage materializes in Canada come 2019 – as most industry observers predict – don’t blame Health Canada, which more than doubled the number of production licenses it granted in 2017.

Instead, look to regional supply imbalances – possibly in provinces that opt to sell adult-use cannabis through government-run retail outlets – and producers who fail to live up to their cultivation targets.

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Canadian cannabis companies with US operations must disclose risks

An exchange in Canada dominated by marijuana stocks has asked listed companies with U.S. operations to publicly detail any risks they face after Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to scrap protections for state-legal cannabis businesses. Richard Carleton, chief executive officer of the Canadian Securities Exchange, told Marijuana Business Daily that the exchange contacted all CSE-listed companies with […]

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Sessions’ move could slow cannabis investment money, but analysts doubt long-term impact

News that federal prosecutors have wider discretion to enforce federal drug law could put at least a temporary damper on investment money flowing into the U.S. cannabis sector, but analysts doubt the money will dry up. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision last week to rescind Obama-era protections for the legal cannabis industry has created new […]

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Marijuana businesses rush to decipher Sessions’ decision as legal experts advise caution

Marijuana industry executives nationwide are scrambling to understand how Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to rescind Obama-era protections for the legalized cannabis industry will affect their companies and employees.

Legal experts cautioned against making hasty decisions – given that it remains to be seen whether Sessions and the U.S. Justice Department will unleash a widespread crackdown on state-legal marijuana industries.

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AG Sessions rescinds Cole Memo, roiling marijuana industry

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded an Obama-era policy that paved the way for legalized marijuana to flourish in states across the country, creating new confusion about enforcement and use only three days after California’s new legalization law went into effect. Marijuana Business Daily is continually updating this breaking story and its impact on the cannabis industry. […]

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US prosecutor in Colorado signals no change in stance toward marijuana businesses

The top federal prosecutor in Colorado indicated his office is unlikely to make any major changes in its enforcement stance toward legal marijuana businesses operating across the state. U.S. Attorney Bob Troyer of the District of Colorado said his office’s policies already mesh with those outlined Thursday by Attorney General Jeff Sessions – and that […]

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Canadian marijuana stocks pare losses, could benefit long term from Sessions decision

Canadian marijuana stocks initially tumbled Thursday but then pared their losses after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions abandoned an Obama-era policy that permitted the cannabis industry to operate in states across America.

Analysts said the surprise decision could end up being a “net positive” for Canadian firms with no U.S. operations – and funnel more investment money into local cannabis businesses

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Massachusetts to continue rolling out rec cannabis legalization, officials say

Massachusetts cannabis regulators said Thursday they will proceed with plans to legalize recreational marijuana, downplaying Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ reported decision to rescind an Obama-era policy that paved the way for legalized cannabis to flourish. The state’s five-member Cannabis Control Commission said in a statement its job “remains the same,” the Boston Herald reported. “As […]

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British Columbia to decide on co-locating cannabis and liquor sales

A decision is reportedly coming this month on whether British Columbia will allow recreational cannabis and liquor to be sold in the same location. The province has said it would give entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate in recreational sales of marijuana next year – alongside the provincial government – but it put off a decision on […]

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Year in Review: Top 10 stories in the marijuana industry from 2017

It was a lung-busting 2017 for the North American cannabis industry, with marijuana executives stateside holding their collective breath wondering whether the new Trump administration would crack down on legal MJ businesses. Amid the uncertainty, Nevada’s new recreational marijuana industry opened in July with skyrocketing sales, while government officials and regulators in California and Canada […]

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