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Alaska Legalization Petition Beats Deadline

Legalizing marijuana is such a popular topic in Alaska that local advocates have submitted their petition two weeks before its due date. Marijuana Business Daily reported last month that the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana was on track to submit its legalization petition to Lt. Governor Mead Tredwell by its end of January deadline. The group […]

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Alaska Legalization Efforts on Track

A group circulating a petition to legalize marijuana in Alaska appears close to getting a measure on the 2014 ballot. The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana has so far gathered 44,845 signatures for the petition – far surpassing the 31,169 needed to get the measure in front of voters. The group said it hopes to reach […]

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Week in Review: A Game-Changer for Cannabis Industry or More False Hope?

Ask cannabis professionals and advocates what they think about last week’s announcement from the Department of Justice, and you’ll likely get an answer filled with superlatives. Some are calling it the biggest development for the cannabis cause in decades and a decision of historic proportions. Others are going so far as to say it is […]

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