Hawaii Medical Cannabis Business & Marijuana Legal News

Chart: Hawaii’s medical cannabis reciprocity program off to slow start

Hawaii’s fledgling medical marijuana reciprocity program has the potential to boost sales at local dispensaries given that several million domestic tourists visit the state each year, but the program has experienced a slow start since its launch. From early March through the end of May, Hawaii’s out-of-state program added an average of 160 patients per month. Growth slowed […]

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Colorado may soon allow its $1.5B marijuana industry to open to outside investors & more of the week’s top news (SLIDESHOW)

Colorado looks close to welcoming a surge of outside investors and capital to its marijuana markets, Hawaii kicks off a program allowing qualified visitors to purchase medical marijuana, bills pending before the California Legislature could mean the state’s cannabis industry might see another tumultuous year of changes – plus other important news from around the MJ space.

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Hawaii launches program allowing qualified visitors to buy medical cannabis

Hawaii medical marijuana dispensaries soon could enjoy a boost in sales after regulators announced cardholders from other states now may register to buy MMJ during their visits. “We can now, for the first time, invite qualified out-of-state patients to apply up to 60 days prior to their visit to Hawaii and get their cards online […]

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Chart: Hawaii’s medical marijuana program on the rise, and out-of-state patients are on horizon

Hawaii’s medical marijuana patient rolls continue to grow, rising 17% in 2018, with the vast majority of adults in the program seeking relief from severe pain. More than 20,000 patients 18 and older, or 85%, reported severe pain as a qualifying condition for MMJ treatment. Among those adults, severe pain was followed by persistent muscle […]

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Hawaii lab rejects more than 20% of medical marijuana tested

Hawaii’s first and biggest cannabis testing lab is sending back a sizable percentage of the medical marijuana it tests for contaminants. Honolulu-based Steep Hill Hawaii is rejecting 20%-30% of the marijuana that comes through its doors, according to Hawaii News Now. Michael Covington, chief operations officer for Steep Hill Hawaii, told the news outlet that 95% […]

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Hawaii regulator calls for federal marijuana banking solutions

Hawaii’s top banking regulator joined the growing chorus of state leaders urging Congress to consider banking solutions for the cannabis industry. Iris Ikeda, commissioner of Hawaii’s Division of Financial Institutions, is among 13 state banking regulators who have sent a letter to congressional leaders seeking legislation that creates a safe harbor for organizations to bank […]

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How marijuana companies can keep staffs intact during market launch delays

In new cannabis markets where compliance, scarce supply or testing logjams can delay cultivation and retail operations, it’s critical to retain talent during slowdowns and shutdowns.

Delays that bogged down the launch of cannabis sales in Alaska, Hawaii and Pennsylvania don’t have to be detrimental to marijuana businesses, according to industry insiders

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Dispensary on Hawaii’s Big Island approved to cultivate medical marijuana

The Hawaii Department of Health signaled a green light for a medical cannabis dispensary to start growing on the Big Island. Hawaiian Ethos is the seventh dispensary to open a production center in the state and the first on the Big Island. The Big Island, which has the second-highest patient count behind Oahu, was the […]

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Despite medical legalization, Hawaii’s Big Island lacks marijuana dispensaries

It’s been a year since Hawaii’s first legal sale of marijuana and nearly two decades since the state approved it for medical use, but no retail dispensaries have begun selling on the Big Island. Six out of eight dispensaries have opened on all the major islands except Hawaii island, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Sunday. It’s […]

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Hawaii dispensaries to allow reciprocity from any US medical cannabis cardholder

Changes to Hawaii’s medical marijuana laws will allow dispensaries to sell cannabis to registered MMJ cardholders from any U.S. state, a move that could significantly boost sales given the droves of tourists that visit the state annually. Beginning next year, visitors to the Aloha State registered with the medical cannabis program in their U.S. state […]

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How marijuana entrepreneurs can outsmart black-market competitors

Whether you’re operating in a newly medical or recreational marijuana market, illicit cannabis sales are an ever-present threat to the legal industry.

Marijuana entrepreneurs can’t control how the black market operates, but there are ways to encourage customers to instead buy from a licensed, regulated business.

Put simply, it requires going above and beyond what black-market operators can offer by way of service and prod

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Chart: Hawaii medical cannabis patient count climbs 33% in 2017

Hawaii’s medical marijuana patient count continued to climb through 2017, as the program expanded its list of qualifying conditions and allowed dispensaries to finally open their doors. The MMJ patient count jumped 33% in 2017, but that growth was relatively even throughout the year. Month-over-month growth averaged 2%, consistent with data from previous years. The […]

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