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New U.S. recreational marijuana markets – one year later

The recreational marijuana industry had a big year in 2016, when voters in four states – California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada – approved sales of adult-use cannabis.

But one year later, what the voters approved and the reality of what’s happening look vastly different.

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No beginning in sight for Maine’s recreational marijuana program

Marijuana businesses hoping to serve Maine’s recreational cannabis market will probably have to wait until 2019 and possibly longer depending on how the state’s gubernatorial race shakes out next year. Standing in the way is Gov. Paul LePage, who has emerged as a one-man rec cannabis wrecking crew.

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Maine lawmakers vote to sustain gov’s recreational cannabis veto

The Maine House of Representatives on Monday opted not to overturn the governor’s veto of a bill that would have implemented a recreational marijuana ballot measure approved by voters last year. Gov. Paul LePage wrote in a veto letter last week that he torpedoed the bill because it “sets unrealistic timelines for launching the market, fails to address […]

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Maine gov vetoes bill to regulate recreational cannabis sales

As expected, Maine Gov. Paul LePage on Friday vetoed a bill to regulate sales of recreational marijuana, citing concerns such as how the Trump administration might react to states that have legalized cannabis. His veto sets up a potential showdown when Maine lawmakers reconvene Monday. Here’s what you need to know: Friday was the last […]

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Canadian MJ grower buys Maine hemp farm for CBD production

A Canadian company that specializes in indoor marijuana production is going outside – buying a Maine hemp farm to ramp up its CBD oil production. Future Farm Technologies of Vancouver said in a news release it has acquired a 120-acre industrial hemp farm in Amity, Maine. Terms weren’t disclosed. Derek Ross, the farm operator and Future […]

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Maine’s recreational marijuana program faces long road, observers say

By Omar Sacirbey

Maine marijuana advocates expect Gov. Paul LePage to veto a recreational cannabis bill that’s laden with business opportunities.

But even if the bill’s proponents can muster enough support to override a veto, legalization advocates worry the Republican governor could find other ways to delay or undermine implementation.

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Maine passes recreational marijuana bill, but gov may veto

Maine lawmakers approved a bill to regulate the state’s recreational marijuana industry late Monday night that now heads to the governor, who has 10 days to sign the legislation, veto it or let it pass into law without signing it. Republican Gov. Paul LePage has threatened to veto any legislation that doesn’t delay until 2019 the start […]

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Maine gov proposes stalling rec marijuana sales until 2019

Maine’s Republican governor is proposing that state lawmakers consider simply delaying recreational marijuana sales, instead of passing a legislative rewrite of the voter-approved marijuana law. The Maine Legislature is set to return Monday to consider a rewrite offered by a legislative committee handling adult-use marijuana implementation. Republican House Minority Leader Ken Fredette said he is […]

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Maine appoints new medical cannabis program director

Maine’s medical marijuana program finally has a new director, after the position went unfilled for a year. Marietta D’Agostino, a former director of the state’s MMJ program, left in 2016 for a job in the private cannabis sector, and Craig Patterson, an analyst with the state’s health department, was chosen this week to fill her […]

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As marijuana consumption licenses stall, some entrepreneurs see opportunity

By Kristen Nichols More than three months after setting rules for the nation’s first licensed marijuana consumption clubs, Denver has yet to receive any applications. The stalemate has officials in other states and jurisdictions holding off on licensing consumption clubs or lounges until they see how it goes in Colorado’s capital.

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Maine proposal shifts responsibility for rec MJ implementation

Maine lawmakers seem to be going in circles. After residents voted to legalize adult-use marijuana last year, the legislature was tasked with passing a bill to implement a new recreational cannabis industry. But a rewrite to the implementing legislation recently would forbid recreational marijuana businesses unless municipalities expressly approve them, basically returning the state to […]

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Maine panel signs off on rewrite of recreational cannabis law

Maine’s recreational marijuana law underwent a rewrite by a legislative committee this week that could spell major changes for the program, including an increased tax rate and a two-year residency requirement to own a rec shop. But Maine Gov. Paul LePage hasn’t expressed much enthusiasm about adult-use marijuana, and committee members are concerned he’ll veto or […]

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