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New Jersey MMJ Business News

Election results: Recreational cannabis legalization strong possibility in New Jersey + wins in Detroit

By John Schroyer

New Jersey is poised to legalize recreational marijuana after a pro-cannabis candidate won the state’s gubernatorial race Tuesday, giving the MJ industry a potentially huge win in what could be a lucrative new market for businesses.

Come January, anti-marijuana Gov. Chris Christie will be out of office and Democrat Phil Murphy will be in.

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Cannabis industry has vested interest in today’s elections in Michigan, New Jersey and New York

Welcome to Election Day 2017. Though it won’t compare to the historic gains the cannabis industry made at the polls last November, there are three states whose election results could either directly or indirectly have serious ramifications for marijuana businesses: Michigan, New Jersey and New York. Polls in Michigan and New Jersey close at 8 […]

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NJ court: Marijuana’s Schedule 1 status must be reviewed

In a move that could have important implications for the legalized marijuana industry, a New Jersey appeals court has ruled that the state should review marijuana’s classification as a Schedule 1 drug, which makes it illegal under federal law. Schedule 1 denotes substances that have no accepted medical use and are easy to abuse. The […]

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New Jersey may add five more medical marijuana conditions

New Jersey’s proposed addition of five conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana could expand the program’s patient pool and, in turn, lead to increased sales for the handful of dispensaries in the state. The state’s Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel gave final approval to the additional conditions this week, reported, but that number fell […]

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New Jersey medical marijuana panel proposes 43 conditions

New Jersey’s Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel has recommended that the state’s health department add 43 conditions to the list of illnesses that would qualify patients to receive medical cannabis cards. Many of the suggested additions are variations of the same condition, reported. For example, there are several categories of chronic pain, anxiety, migraines and […]

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New Jersey awards state’s final medical marijuana license

Six years and several executive and investor changes later, Harmony Foundation became the sixth and final medical marijuana business in New Jersey to get its cultivation license. The dispensary plans to be operational by the end of the year, reported. Harmony will operate as a vertically integrated grow and dispensing business out of a […]

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NJ doctors panel recommends expanding MMJ conditions list

A New Jersey state panel of doctors recommended expanding the the list of treatable conditions for medical marijuana to include chronic pain, a move that would likely widen the patient pool and boost MMJ sales. According to the Newark Star-Ledger and the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel voted 5-1 to add people suffering from different types […]

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New Jersey medical marijuana program doubles patient count

New Jersey’s medical marijuana program saw its patient count nearly double last year, breaking the 10,000 mark for the first time, according to an annual report released by the New Jersey Department of Health. The jump in patients should be welcome news for New Jersey’s five operating medical marijuana dispensaries, which will likely see an […]

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